Deerhunter H & E

Hopes: Well, I certainly hope it doesn’t transform into a mad game of Russian Roulette! But, since we are seeing the group Deerhunter, I don’t think I have to worry. I hope they play a fairly lengthy set (60-75 minutes if not more, but I doubt it because of time constraints) of various tunes from all over their discography with some from earlier works like Cryptograms (2007) and Fluorescent Grey (2007) and a few cuts from their upcoming LP Halcyon Digest, but mostly tracks from my favorite recordings, Microcastle (2008) and Rainwater Cassette Exchange (2009). If they play “Twilight At Carbon Lake” I just might shit myself. Y’all have been warned! I also wish that the K-Holes and Kurt Vile are ass kicking openers.

Expectations: Deer plays a a good amount of old, mid, and new, but perhaps more of the atmospheric material than I prefer, albeit still mesmerizing. They play for about 45-60 minutes and blow me away, even more than the first time I saw them. Vile’s sound is better, but sill he doesn’t send me flying off my rocker and the K-Holes are decent, but not as kick ass as I hoped.

Girls H & E

Hopes: I HOPE Girls play every song off their fantastic, debut, LP, Album and I love them all and have one of the best concert experiences ever. Perhaps, Glen, Paul, and I meet some of the band members.

Expectations: I EXPECT them to play most of those songs, but also play some B Sides or possibly new/unreleased material that I am unfamiliar with. It will be a good concert, but not top 10, which is hard to beat.


King Khan & BBQ Show Hopes and Expectations…

Hopes: I hope they play all the songs Glen saw last night in addition to “Too Much in Love”- I WILL GO INSANE IF THEY PLAY THIS NUMBER and “What’s For Dinner?” It is a better concert than the one Glen described even though that sounded amazing. The crowd is really engergetic and engaged and everyone shaking their ass to the floor and it’s in my top 2 favorite concerts!

Expectations: They play most, but not all of those songs. I have a great time. It’s “up there” as one of the best I’ve seen.


Jay Hopes and Expectations

Hopes: Jay plays an hour long set! The crowd is really into it and rocks out, so no one (including Jay) is pissed. I hope he plays all (yeah right!) or at least some of these classics: Blood Visions, It’s So Easy, My Shadow, Nightmares, Fading All Away, Waiting For Something, See/Saw, Screaming Hand, An Ugly Death, Always Wanting More, Trapped Here, DOA, No Time, You Were Sleeping, I’m Watching You, It Ain’t Gonna Save Me, Rotten Mind, and Faking It. As my list demonstrate, I want him to play mostly pre- Watch Me Fall material. Lastly, I hope the first four bands are terrific, but do not play too long, so we can get right into one of my current favorite artists, on record anyway.

Expectations: Jay plays about a half an hour. The crowd is more into the show than they were the last time I saw him, mosh more. Perhaps, he does not get pissed, if this is the case. He plays about half the aforementioned songs. The opening bands play longer than I would like. I might really dig one or more of the bands or not phased/interested in some of them.

We will see what happens tonight….