Jay Hopes and Expectations

Hopes: Jay plays an hour long set! The crowd is really into it and rocks out, so no one (including Jay) is pissed. I hope he plays all (yeah right!) or at least some of these classics: Blood Visions, It’s So Easy, My Shadow, Nightmares, Fading All Away, Waiting For Something, See/Saw, Screaming Hand, An Ugly Death, Always Wanting More, Trapped Here, DOA, No Time, You Were Sleeping, I’m Watching You, It Ain’t Gonna Save Me, Rotten Mind, and Faking It. As my list demonstrate, I want him to play mostly pre- Watch Me Fall material. Lastly, I hope the first four bands are terrific, but do not play too long, so we can get right into one of my current favorite artists, on record anyway.

Expectations: Jay plays about a half an hour. The crowd is more into the show than they were the last time I saw him, mosh more. Perhaps, he does not get pissed, if this is the case. He plays about half the aforementioned songs. The opening bands play longer than I would like. I might really dig one or more of the bands or not phased/interested in some of them.

We will see what happens tonight….


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