Late Night comedian has it out for Harry Potter

If you watch as much late comedy (Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmell, David Letterman etc.) as I do, you would see that one of these in particular has a target for Harry Potter fans. The one I speak of is Conan O’Brien. Over the past few nights, he has joked over the Potter fans dedication comparing them to that of Star Wars or Star Trek fans. Most recently, he shows a sketch which depicted Dumbledore drunk out of his mind, partying like a rock star. Now, when I saw this, I thought it was absolutely hysterical. However, when I showed it to one of my friends, they were offended as if I told an offensive black joke at the Apollo. Now, the point of this is to tell all people who worship all these entertainment icons to grow a pair. It’s a joke get the frick over it. That and I wanted to drop Conan’s name. Check out the show, its really funny. Again, Good Night and Good Luck.