SOTD: The Lids – “Strong Come On” (Oblivians Cover 2005)

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having an excellent Saturday so far. To make it even more excellent, here’s a song – Atlanta legends The Lids covering Oblivians classic “Strong Come On” and guess what??? It features Jay Reatard on drums! The Lids, The Oblivians, Jay Reatard, Rock ‘n’ Roll, in and out, in and out forever.

P.S. this song was recorded for an unreleased Oblivians tribute album. Several other contemporary rock ‘n’ roll nutcases recorded Oblivians covers as well including our favorite band Black Lips (“Something For Nothing”). Check it out here!:

The Dust Bunnies – “Gimme Gimme Black Lips EP”

“Ramones style” Black Lips cover EP by Adam Bruneau (fr. Atlanta) available for listening and downloading and all that kind of stuff!


Black Lips- “Something For Nothing” (Unreleased Oblivians Cover, 2005)

Yee! Apparently an Oblivians compilation entitled, “Static Party: A Tribute to The Oblivians” was set to be released in 2006, but it never happened. Recently, this track from that would be compilation has popped up and being both a fan of the lips and the Oblivians (especially the lips) so has my dick. In honor of that, here is the song “Something for Nothing.” You can tell there’s some Memphis flavor in there, but all and all it is typical early Lips material with its muddy production and shouts and screams and what have ya, which is always great. I love the sudden ending.

Cool Covers: Little Kid Plays GG!

This youngling does a cool cover of one of my favorite G.G. Allin tunes, “Die When You Die.” This is as equally fucked up as it is awesome.

Keep up the good work young man!

I’ve also taken this as an opportunity to start yet another KLYAM segment in “cool covers,” which for the most part will be little YouTube based videos, people strummin’ on guitars and such. Word.