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My Greatest Concert Experiences!

The Best
1. March 2009 – Black Lips/Gentleman Jesse & His Men/Mean Creek – Grade: A+
2. May 2009 – King Khan & The Shrines/Mark Sultan/Homosexuals – Grade: A+
3. April 2009 – No Age/The Beets/Lemonade – Grade: A+
4. September 2009 – Walkmen/Here We Go Magic/The Dig – A+

5. August 2008 – Radiohead/Grizzly Bear – Grade: A
5. September 2009 – The Rifles/Mike Fiore – Grade: A
6. August 2009 – Arctic Monkeys/Modey Lemon – Grade: A
7. May 2009 – Animal Collective/Grouper – Grade: A
8. September 2009 – Pains of Being Pure At Heart/Depreciation Guild/Cymbals Eat Guitars – Grade: A
9. July 2009 – Head Automatica/Cubic Zarconia – Great: A
10. July 2009 – Handsome Furs/Dri/Cinnamon Band – Grade: A
11. November 2008 – No Age/Soft Circle/Silk Flowers – Grade: A

12. January 2008 – Editors/Hot Hot Heat/Louis XIV – Grade: A-
13. June 2009 – Sunset Rubdown/Elfin Saddle/Witchies – Grade: A-
14. July 2008 – No Age/High Places/Abe Vigoda/Ppalmm – Grade: A-

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Artists to Check Out

This is basically a list of my favorite modern (formed in the 21st Century for the most part or became prominent within the past few years) bands and some of their songs.

1)  Black Lips- Top Songs: Bad Kids, Sea of Blasphemy, Dirty Hands, Fairy Stories, I’ll Be With You, and many more

2) King Khan and the Shrines- Land of the Freak, Took My Lady to Dinner, I Wanna Be a Girl, No Regrets, Welfare Bread, and others

3) Animal Collective- Summertime Clothes, Peacebone, Banshee Beat, Purple Bottle, Who Could Win a Rabbit

4) No Age- Everybody’s Down, Eraser, Teen Creeps, Brain Burner, Neck Escaper

5) Jay Reatard- See/ Saw, An Ugly Death, No Time, I’m Watching You, Screaming Hand

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Boston’s Best Concert Venues

Middle East Downstairs – A+ – Capacity: 575
My favorite concert venue! It might be that all the bands I’ve seen here have been amazing, but it’s the intimate nature of the basement (and the hot hipster chicks) that makes me always leave Nabil’s premise drenched in sweat smiling.

Paradise Rock ClubA – Capacity: 650
A truly awesome place to see a concert.  There is enough room for rocking out in front of the stage (besides one annoying pole), enough room to just sit or stand around and watch, and enough room on the stage to fit a seven person band.

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Review: Jay Reatard, TV Smith, Pretty and Nice @ Harpers Ferry (7/3/09)

Pretty & Nice, TV Smith, Jay Reatard – Harpers Ferry – July 3

Pretty and Nice: Interesting kids…. Their music mixed loud, fast punk with some glimmers of power pop. Musically, they had the chops, but they didn’t stand out more than any other band to me. On the other hand, it was their “antics” that caught my attention. These include singing songs about ponies for mic checks and similar little songs between their actual numbers, making extremely strange, almost robotic faces, often while rocking out on the guitar (mainly this was just one guitarist and it looked as though he would fall at any moment haha).
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Reviews: Sunset Rubdown (6/11/09) & Handsome Furs (7/6/09)

Sunset Rubdown – Middle East Downstairs – June 11
1. Empty threats of little lord
2. Idiot heart
3. Black swan
4. Taming of the hands
5. Silver moons
6. Coming to at dawn
7. You go on ahead
8. Paper lace
9. Winged wicked things
10. Snakes got a leg
11. Dragon
12. Nightengale/December song
13. Apollo and the buffalo…
14. Mending of the gown

An hour and a half filled with a mix of old and new, down-tempo and up-tempo, the genius that is Spencer Krug, and epicness. Sunset Rubdown gave one of the best efforts that I’ve seen from a band.

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