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A Little Perspective

I think a different perspective on news stories’ll be a big part of my contribution here (though I mean big as in most recognizable- I like keeping it short and sweet). So I’ll start with this whole Henry Gates Cambridge cops Obama deal out in the news. There’s a lot of facts, but I’ll keep it short-Harvard man Gates was arrested for supposedly breaking into his own home even after showing i.d. (which was not an actual i.d., so the cop’s actions are understandable). Obama commented, saying the policeman acted “stupidly”. Now there is anger coming from Cambridge policemen understandably supporting their fellow officer.

Now I’m going to bypass everything stated here for a second and ask a question: Why the fuck was Obama asked about this while addressing healthcare? That is the only thing I can focus on. Instead of attacking Obama- legitimately, for a completely uninformed statement from the president of the United States of America- why is no one wondering why his opinion on some petty little squabble in Cambridge was asked in the first place? Someone should find the guy who asked him and tell him to just stop practicing journalism if he’s gonna ask irrelevant shit to stir up a storm.

Matt Hurton

Citizen Cope

The combination of boredom, never having made a post, and coercion by Glen has led me to want to come up with SOMETHING for a first post. Music seems a popular choice, so I thought I’d bring in my favorite artist.

Citizen Cope- Sideways

Note: Glen has already gotten confused: that is NOT him lip-syncing. The music video happened to use footage of him live without the audio.

-Matt Hurton