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// Catching Up W/ Alex Walton (Youth Against Satan), Playing Furry Frat 3/18 \\


q1 – YOUTH AGAINST SATAN , thank you for this. Please introduce yourself(s) however you wish – is this an individual or a collective effort? According to some slight research, it appears that 2017 was the starting point with Hands Highway. Is that right on or was there stuff before then associated with YOUTH AGAINST SATAN. 

My name is Alex Walton, and I started Youth Against Satan in 2018 as an impromptu “record label” in order to create an overarching collection for the various musical projects I had done up to that point, namely Hands Highway, Semper Games, GSB, and under my own name. As time progressed, I started releasing music by my friends through it.

q2. Relatedly to the above – sorry if it’s come up a bit before in past interviews and media spells – South By South Wests and things – but the name YAS stands out. If you are at liberty to talk more on that. But if not, I was, too, wondering if Boston has always been homebase, if it is currently? 

We are called Youth Against Satan because we are vehemently against Satan, Lucifer, the Dark Lord, forces of hate, evil, nihilism, unTruth, and as such, we try to create love, good, purpose, striving towards the Truth In All Things. There’s so much shit out there that wants you to kill yourself, and we want to work against that. This doesn’t mean to be saccharine and gleeful at all times, I think you know what I mean. Redeeming, not deprecating. A song can save a life.

I started YAS in Boston, yes. Where it will go, if it goes anywhere, I am not sure. I’ve never been so good at predictions.

q3. Amazing music by the way. Noise pop, Proto or Post punk, surf, a little garage spirit that’s right up our alley so I’m inclined to think we’ve been missing the boat on your stuff – Group Sounds, Alex Walton, etc, etc – ; pre-pandemic were you playing shows in Boston / touring? Feel definitely free to give a run down/description or timeline of YAS associated bands. 

All of us have not played as nearly as many shows, pre- or post- killer virus, as we would have liked to, this city is rough for booking and short for venues. There were a small handful of GSB performances before and a handful after, but GSB has run its course and has been dismantled for the time being. AWSMASB (alex walton shame music all star band) has been getting a decent amount of shows, but people in this city need to wake up and book our other artists like Vim and Grilltones. We have had a lot more success booking and playing shows in New York with our friends John Variety and Matt Danger Lippmann (who incidentally just played a fantastic show here last week with Winkler), but it’s still rough out here.

q3a. Have YAS releases all been digital or any tapes, vinyl, other mediums at play? Any upcoming releases?

All digital file transfers as of yet, but there are plans for vinyl, CDs, a Group Sounds Band movie, a Youth Against Satan restaurant, Vim Jordan 4s, Jaden Cruz McDonald’s Signature meal, a SHAME MUSIC video game, Michael Grill AR-15, etc etc. whenever we may be given enough money to make it happen.

I am in the midst of producing a secret Jaden Cruz project, as well as a new Alex Walton ep/album/something with some remixes and special guests which should release sometime this spring. Lots of music videos.

q4. Alex Walton Band is playing at Furry Frat Friday March 18th – anything we can or cannot expect? Based on some bandcamp listens I so much feel the basement energy and getting in that spirit. Any preference of these underground gigs to their aboveboard counterparts? 

Expect a lonesome desert town in a pink glow. Expect an overabundance. Expect to find the love of your life. Expect seeing someone on stage fully invested in Quixotic ideals of pop music as art. Come with mirth in your heart and wish for nothing, you’ll find what you really want. 

The places themselves do not matter as much as how they sound. Most “venues” in Boston have not ideal sound people working much less than ideal PAs and try to run your entire band through a couple of shit monitors. I prefer all the elements to speak for themselves in an intimate space. I like playing at bars that give me drink tickets.

q5. Want to shout out what I see as a love of Alan Vega, Devo — is there a general kinship of protopunk & stuff of the like? And other modern musical favorites or even older, obscurer, whatever, things like that you feel aligned with on some level? 

Proto, post, whatever, the goal of pop music is transcendental Truth, and these descriptors mean nothing except division and abstraction away from this goal. We all want the same thing at the end of the day, to make someone somewhere at some time listen and feel and understand and be understood. I appreciate those who can create deep immediate significance from the most primal and obvious, and I don’t have much patience for “complex” and erudite music that loses what makes this all work. 

I am aligned with Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx (in that order), Arthur Rimbaud, Candy Darling, Egon Schiele, my bandmates Brendan and Jaden, everyone on YAS (especially Vim), Winkler,, Liam and Jori from Comet Pond, the Modern Warfare 3 ads with Eminem, John V Variety, Lou Reed, Matthew Danger Lippmann, Takashi Mizutani, Patrick Gray, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Adrian Borland, and all other truth-telling liars and previous incarnations of myself. 

Duty Now For The Future,

Alex Walton

KLYAM’s Rama Lama Ding Dong Returns – Sat Nov 13 @ O’Briens

Our annual Rama Lama Ding Dong festival is less than two weeks away – mark your calendars for Saturday, November 13 at O’Briens Pub in Allston.

The 2021 edition is a spectrum of pop and punk but surely not pop punk.

We’ve got RLDD 2019 favorites/late ’70s punk legends Unnatural Axe back again. Mr. B called them “the most important punk band Boston will ever call its own”.

Silver Synthetic are on tour from New Orleans! We saw them outdoors at Gonerfest so surely it will be wild to see the Third Man Records supergroup bring their warm & breezy sound to the cozy pub atmosphere of O’Briens.

The Swettes played our Holiday Party in December 2019 and surely won the hearts of the Dorchester Art Project faithful with their minimalist, adventurous, and immediate brand of rock ‘n roll. They met at Girls Rock Camp just a few years ago.

We’re excited to at long last do a show with Kathy Snax! Kathy just released a 7″ (Changeling b/w On A Winter Day) on Relief Map Records. The eerie/haunting vibe is real, but it’s the catchiness/pop of Kathy’s music that makes it feel not of this time/of this place.

Johnnie and the Foodmasters have played all of the RLDD and the streak continues. Musicality meets chaos in the context of the golden oldies.

This will sell out! Get your tickets ahead of time:

4752 Fest Coming Back To New Bedford on October 23

4752 Fest, New Bedford’s all-day music spectacular, returns this year! The first edition in 2019 was nothing short of inspiring – drawing in local music fans and bands from all over New England. The 2021 version of the festival will take place on Saturday October 23rd starting at 2:30 PM at the Fiber Optic Center loading dock. I caught up with organizer Devin Byrnes, proprietor of Destination Soups (one of the venues), and member of New Bedford dance-noise trio Picniclunch:

: Hey Devin! Describe the magic of New Bedford’s 4752 Fest to somebody not from there but who is curious about what differentiates 4752 from the average music fest?

D: 1. The 4752 festival is a completely walkable, roaming music festival. It is set up in different venues scattered around downtown New Bedford. It is completely free and is all ages except for one venue. No two bands play at the same time, the set times are staggered, so as one band is ending, another act who might be a block or two away is set up to start their set. I wanted it to be a free flowing experience allowing the listeners to take in as much or little music as they would like.

G: There are 6 venues, including some that don’t regularly host live music – tell us a little more about each spot if you can!

D: Yes, absolutely… I would be remiss if I didn’t give a heartfelt thank you to each venue for agreeing to be a part of this, especially during these times. The venues are: the loading dock (only outside venue) at the Fiber Optic Center. They provide fiber optic technology for all sorts of businesses and the president, Ethan, not only is allowing us to kick off the event there, but he has been very generous in being a sponsor of the event, enabling us to pay the artists. Then we move to The Communal Space which is is a Bipoc led, arts cultivator space with an emphasis on community engagement and equity for all. Then we go to The Madlila, which is a store focusing on eclectic, newer and vintage clothing and accessories. Then to Destination Soups, which is my fast, casual, lunch restaurant. We move on to Paradise McFee Gallery, a really funky, vibrant working art gallery. Followed by last, but not least, No Problemo, which is one of the OG spots in the New Bedford, downtown scene. It’s a hip, delicious, Cali-Mexican place. Craig (who runs it) has been an ubermensch for years, by being one of the only spots to host original music Downtown. In my mind, these businesses highlight the eclectic make up of our Downtown.

G: The line up is a combo of homegrown NB talent and others from around the region – without giving too much away, what sort of sounds might we expect? It certainly seems like it could get loud & weird at times!

D: Yeah, I am really excited for this year’s line up. When I started booking it in July, it came together really quick and almost everyone I reached out to was on board. I think that was a reflection of how much people were really jonesing to play again. My formula for curating it is about a 50/50 split between New Bedford area based artists and artists around New England. Also, I am looking at different styles. I have some dreamy acoustic acts and some abrasive noise rock, a bit of everything. I try to focus on more underground artists that in my eye, bring something original and interesting to the table. If you come and walk around the festival, I think you will be entertained. I think to make something like this successful, you need a good amount of variety. If you really like a certain kind of music, great, but you probably don’t want to watch 13 acts playing that kind of music.

G: Your band Picniclunch just headlined our SUPAPS festival and that was a blast. You’ve done some Covid-era gigs in Providence, too. Will this be a homecoming gig for y’all? Anything else you want to plug or share related to the Fest or Picniclunch?

D: Yeah, thanks for having us up to Somerville.. that was a great day. I loved how on a really nice day, all these people were using the public park space, punk bands, people shooting hoops, kids birthdays, etc. . yeah, this will be our first show back in New Bedford in probably a few years. Like you said, Providence is pretty close and we have played 3 fairly recent shows there. When Covid hit we started recording and we hope to get back at that soon. We have almost a full album worth of new material and are really excited by the newer material.

In closing, I just want encourage everyone to come check out the festival. I don’t really know many events like it – the bill is stacked and I think our home town is pretty great.

We’re Still Here!

Hope everyone is healthy and hanging in there. We wanted to let you know that we are still here and active.

With no new shows to book, play, or attend, we’ve shifted gears to a new medium: the Podcast!

Link is up at the top of the website and here. These have been great – one to two (sometimes longer!) hours of catching up with old pals, artists, and musicians. We try to cover formative experiences in music whenever possible along with what’s going on currently and in the future.



KLYAM Recommended Happenings:

THURSDAY, JANUARY 2 – JESUS DRINKS FREE @  The Haven in Jamaica Plain. Free. 21+. 9 PM to 1 AM. The first Thursday night of every month, DJ Dan Shea and cohorts (this time: Nadav & Spnda) spin soul, r&b, country, and yes certainly Gospel, for believers and non-believers. Calling all lovers of old time music from the ’50s through the ’70s.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 4 – NICE GUYS, Minibeast, Service, Freaking @ Great Scott. 21+. RTT Presents. A strong night of punk ‘n noise.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 10 – KARAOKE @ The Lilypad – 10PM to 1AM. $5. Karaoke with Erica & Maria has now become an institution.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 17 – DOG, Children of the Flaming Wheel, and G. Gordon Gritty @ Deep Thoughts in Jamaica Plain. $5-10 sliding scale donation. All Ages. Noise behemoths and utter legends DOG make a come back to Boston! Children of the Flaming Wheel are coming off a FIRE performance at our recent Holiday Party at Dorchester Art Project. Yours truly and band will open the show & expect the unexpected.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 – Baby Baby, Thighs, Lane, Russ Waterhouse, Frigid – Banshee Den, Everett, MA. All Ages. A new, DIY spot in Everett? This is one to pique curiosity. And the line-up is just as weird as you’d expect.


Wild, unkempt industrial chic
Haunted house roque
Shea likes alien voices and Grasscity
Trying to one up you with a vast, near academic knowledge of noise rock
Checks the box: will open for Lightning Bolt at Sinclair
This is like punching that Jimmy YouTube channel in the cheek
We’ve all been there, sometimes you just got to do it.

The Glue ‘Whatever Sticks’ Now Available On Bandcamp

The propitious debut from outlaw country outfit The Glue Whatever Sticks is now on BANDCAMPWhatever Sticks was released by KLYAM on tape in late 2018. Rave reviews followed and those without a tape player were left in the wild, wondering ‘how can I listen to this amazing band?’ For this performance, the group consisting of leader Lil (vocals/guitar/keys), Lena Dips (keys/bass/vox), Yoyopa (cello), sleuth (Sax), and Satchmington Forresterson (writer) ventured to Basin Bay, Lake George, NY.  Close affiliate James Coarse was behind the boards. Six originals and three covers – this is a pure and intimate release.

The Glue will be performing alongside Coarse’s Whip Appeal for our Hungover for the Holidaze party at the Dorchester Art Project on Friday, December 20. Metaphorically roast chestnuts!

NOV. 16 – KLYAM Presents MOTO, Sticker Shock, Electric Street Queens, Johnnie & The Foodmasters @ Club Bohemia

It is high noon for the second to last KLYAM show of the year. First, the details. Saturday November 16 at Club Bohemia in Cambridge’s Central Square (very accessible by public transport, bike, car, whatever). Plan on arriving at 8:30 or 8:45 PM. Hand over $8 in cash and make your way down the steps to Mickey Bliss’ dank dungeon. Electric Street Queens – KLYAM alum from way back (2014’s Live From Your Dreams tape) – will start things off. They released Thank You Good Night this past summer. Their line-up has changed a bit over time, but their infectious and explosive live performance has not. Perfect way to start this wild night. Next up is Sticker Shock. They are a local KLYAM favorite for sure – a band that would fit in perfectly on a Gonerfest bill wedged between Trampoline Team and Sick Thoughts with that high gear, high speed attack. Speaking of Gonerfest. Less than two months ago, M.O.T.O joined the Memphis fest’s prolific progeny of relatively obscure, but ultra beloved performers. And we got to see them in action. Since then we’ve been dying to get Paul Caporino and crew on one of our shows and sure enough here they are headlining this one! I think I read somewhere that everyone has a favorite M.O.T.O song, but the back catalog is so damn extensive it might be near impossible for them to play all the favorites.  What a great problem to have! After M.O.T.O will be Johnnie and the Foodmasters. M.O.T.O is a tough act to follow, so the Foodmasters will have to ride off the high of that set and hopefully not clear the room. The oldies noise-mongering sextet are hoping the Boomer who called them the worst band Cambridge has seen in 40 years comes out to the gig.