NERVOUS GUYS To Perform Icky Boyfriends Cover Set @ Cold Spring Hollow (November 2)

NERVOUS GUYS will be performing at Cold Spring Hollow in Belchertown for Gray St Sounds #63 for Saturday, November 2. KLYAM recording artists and Cummington legends The Glue and Holyoke’s Giant Sadness will also perform on that fine evening.

Nervous Guys is a trio consisting of members of Johnnie & The Foodmasters, G. Gordon Gritty, and >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. The group has performed under various discreet aliases at noise fests around town, but for this show will be going under Nervous Guys, as a 100% tribute to the legendary Bay Area slop-core group Icky Boyfriends. The Icky Boyfriends formed around 1989 and played their first show opening for The Melvins. They cleared the room. Described as abrasive, ungodly, and sometimes unlistenable. Chris from Foodmasters plays the part of vocalist Jonathan Swift, G. Gordon Gritty myself as guitarist Shea Bond, and Brian aka Up Up Up behind the kit as Gonerfest homeboy Anthony Bedard. Let’s teeter to the edge of noise rock.

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