THE WORLD (Oakland / Playing Gonerfest 13)

THE WORLD is here and let me tell you about them. I don’t know anything – well actually that is wrong. I am on their Soundcloud and I have been on there just about every day, for some spans. I am blown away a bit. God’s honest truth. See back in the day, we KLYAM were a weird bunch, still are, but then we did a couple things. We reacted to the bigger (mainly garage) bands that were getting ‘national’ coverage, definitely, by re-posting or referencing the larger media or the band’s own websites and social media. There was that clusterfuck but there was also the local Boston shows that we were going to and writing about. Very often, we have been the only one or one of a few websites posting about them. As always, but perhaps more so when you fall off a grid of consistently reading about music online, amazing stuff goes unnoticed. But also now more than ever, if you do a little research, you should be able to come up with something. It should not really take long. If you come here on KLYAM now and again, you will see posts because we hope you genuinely care as much as we do, that you should have fun listening to and seeing music!

So with THE WORLD, I saw last week that they are playing Gonerfest 13. Them and tons of others, without much hesitation I can attest these are among the funnest making a rock ‘n roll racket. So I looked up just a few from the list that I had never heard of. Let me first say, last year’s Gonerfest, our first. A world class experience, in the sense that these shows are the very best, large or small, that you will probably experience, unless you have that joy of being able to repeatedly see sick bands in your neck of the woods. In Boston, we have that, yes, yes, and many festivals and showcases that fly more under the radar – the existence of perception aside – but the musical heritage of Memphis combined with the fact that a few hundred from around the world are gathered to celebrate raw, exhilarating live music for a weekend. Bands sound different, there’s no real “sound,” but there’s certainly some favored styles, you know it when you hear it stuff. So back THE WORLD. I went on their Soundcloud like I said, and they have four songs up there. Check them out. A single came out in January on Upset The Rhythm (UK) and with a repress of that and another single, a flexi, on Play Pinball Records (Denton, Texas). Listen, it will be like whatever for you, for me it is like Michel B’s DJ set last month on WMBR’s Late Risers Club. He played only female fronted punk from 1977 to 1984. THE WORLD is like that. An excellent array of dancy, bouncy, punk. Reminds me of UK/Italy, not Oakland. Precision bass and drums i.e Angry Angles or Devo, that is “tight,” but there are sprinkly saxes and guitar that sometimes depart from bubbly new wave territory into the dark of no wave. Probably a likeminded perspective would be Guerilla Toss from here. Really really excited to see THE WORLD at Gonerfest – y’all in the California area look below and go to all these fun ones:

Upcoming shows (taken from their SC, with Gonerfest added by me)
7/11 @ Sgraffito, oakland with Vats, Toyota, Fussy
7/23 @ Warehouse show oakland with Violence Creeps, Baus
7/27 @ Santa Rosa house show with Rakta
8/15 @ WRC oakland with Nandas
8/23 @ Regency SF with Parquet Courts
8/25 @ Starline, Oakland with Sheer Mag and Auscencia
9/10 @ Oakland with Lithics
9/29 – 10/2 @ Gonerfest, Memphis

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