KLYAM 7th Anniversary All-Ages Show Tonight 10 PM Doors @ Lilypad


We celebrate every year of existence here at KLYAM not just the big milestones, but all of them. So it’s July 2016 which means we’ve been around now for 7 whole years. So we’re going to celebrate tonight with a line-up that we are very proud to have! Every show we’ve thrown is always a show we would really want to go to (if we weren’t the ones hosting it), so our hope is contagious and if you’ve been going to local gigs around here for the past few years, there’s always fun stuff going on. The show is tonight at Lilypad in Inman Square (Cambridge), All Ages, and we are suggesting a $7-10 donation! Please arrive no earlier than 10 PM and the show will kick off very soon after that.

So what to expect? I would say a very nice little mixture of everything: Sophomore Lounge memory music crew GIVING UP on Tour (from everywhere), crazed dementers of a thing called sound, i.e. underground staples of the region NEW ENGLAND (PATRIOTS), IAN SWEET – the latest Hardly Art signees who we’ve seen many a fantastic time as IAN, but the first time now with the added SWEET, and lastly a new-ish band we’ve seen tons, including three straight weeks, bringing back memories of our 2012 fervor, BIRTHING HIPS

Also, I should mention most definitely that the quintessential basement rock and roll band of our generation, SARALEE (who have a split tape out with Giving Up and other releases on Sophomore Lounge), were originally on the bill, won’t be able to make it, but we will try our damn hardest to have another show with them soon!

Alright cool see ya soon!

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