1980s Malden mod youngsters BOYS LIFE put out a 6 song EP that I guess is not as obscure as I would have thought. I found this one in my dad’s collection and, like a non-digital age person, I was intrigued by the cover with its big text BOYS LIFE and image featuring lyrics in green font with a pic of a three piece band (drums, guitar, and saxophone) playing in the background. So true I was expecting some kind of chaotic noise inclined group, but instead they are about as MOD as it gets, colleagues of The Jam and maybe The Psychedelic Furs. That kind of very Brit accented, tight musicianship, and pop rock catchiness. The EP was produced by David Robinson, of The Cars and the Modern Lovers. What I’m guessing is that early 1980s was a fantastic time for this kind of sound. I am not surprised that my dad, a true Jam die-hard (his collection has at least a dozen of their records), picked this one up at most likely any number of local gigs these dudes played. And I just found, right now actually, a newspaper cut-out inside the record from I’m not sure from what outlet but it is called “Local Pressings.”  It is a glowing review of the EP that names the “recently broken up” Jam as big influences. 2006/2007 me would probably be much more a fan, now I’m spoiled and this sounds a little safe, but it is a record I can surely appreciate.

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