TRIM Cuttin’ and Noisin’ Thru Boston Circuit

Photo hijacked from the TRIM Facebook Page!

Who TRIM? Who you? Well, we seen TRIM a few times about town (Boston, disclosure for our international reader base), let me see 1st at Wicked Mess, 2nd at Porchfest, and most recently in the confines of the Allston basement conveniently named Make Out Point. This duo cuts above the rest, or rather, flows, because of their unique arrangement – drums, and various noise configurations, that is improvisational, within the deep realm of that which I am heavily naïve. So it is the excitement of seeing something different, something not boring, actually really involved or perhaps extraordinarily loose? In a world of boring “Rock” bands, TRIM might get called out for being too weird, but this is not trolling, at least to my brittle ears.



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