Who Did it Better? “I Fought The Law”

A unknown musical fact I came across today (uknown to me anyway), The Clash’s classic song “I Fought The Law” was not a orginal song from the band, it actually was an old song from a band called The Crickets from 1961, who at one time played with Buddy Holly. So for this edition, we are going to look at the original song, The Clash’s cover, and just for the sake of argument, a couple of other covers.

First up, The Crickets:

Next The Clash

Here is A Green Day cover:

Lastly a Dead Kennedy’s cover:

Just going by what was on Youtube this is probably this most covered song KLYAM ever did, so there was actually some selective editing on my part. I went with a punk heavy rotation though because at its heart I think it is a punk song, and I think the Clash do it best. Although the original has some charm to it and I like the edge of the Dead Kennedy’s version (I wasn’t feeling Green Day, I haven’t been feeling them since American Idiot to be honest with you).

Author: Andrew Bedsole

truth teller.

4 thoughts on “Who Did it Better? “I Fought The Law””

  1. I’m going to go with the original as the best. The other covers are “too produced” if you know what I mean? The Crickets keep it real.

  2. No, I don’t know what you mean. The Dead Kennedys version is not overproduced nor really The Clash for that matter. I love how DK turned it into an anti-police brutality, anti-dan white anthem while still having fun with it. That’s my favorite version.

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