7″ Review: The Cherry Bomb EP [2010]

Band: Wheels on Fire
Release: 9/2010
Label: Kind Turkey Records

1. “Black Wave” – A
2. “Broken Up” – A
3. “Cherry Bomb” – A
4. “Go Give Yer Love Away” – B+

Comments: This 7″ is just another super fun garage pop nugget in a long line of 2000s/2010s era garage pop nuggets. I’m being constantly blown away by the sheer number of independent bands that are making catchy rock and roll music. It’s an amazing and great time to be a listener and reviewer of this stuff. “Black Wave” is an addictive primitive power-pop number. “Broken Up” has a sweet touch of organ and a flow that should put to shame whatever the hell is mainstream “pop rock” of today. “Cherry Bomb” is slower and bluesier. Good tune. “Go Give Yer Love” is even slower, but serves a solid closer to this fabulous 7″.

Grade: A- (92)

Wheels On Fire are on tour right now in the Netherlands and Germany! Word has it that they will be back in the U.S for a tour sometime soon.

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