CD Review: First Blood [2010]

Band: Nobunny
Label: Goner Records
Release: 9/2010

1. “Ain’t It A Shame” – A
2. “(Do The) Fuck Yourself” – A
3. “Blow Dumb” – A-
4. “Gone For Good” – A+
5. “Pretty Please Me” – B+
6. “Breathe” – A-
7. “Live It Up” – A+
8. “Motorhead With Me” – A+
9. “Never Been Kissed” – A
10. “Pretty Little Trouble” – A+
11. “I Was On (The Bozo Show)” – A

Comments: Nobunny is a master of bubble gum pop. We learned this on Love Visions, his debut album replete with goodies like “I Am A Girlfriend” and “Chuck Berry Holiday,” among every other song on there. This record is the same way, but it’s quite a progression for Nobunny. Gone is the drum machine and extreme lo-fi production. This isn’t clean by any stretch of the imagination, but you can tell that it’s been worked on more and has more depth than Love Visions. “Ain’t It A Shame” starts out like a cut to a commercial break, but becomes a passionate “ha, doesn’t it suck what I’ve done to you?”  “(Do The) Fuck Yourself,” which is about as easy to understand as a fourth grade short story novel, should win something for being so triumphant and explicitly lucid. “Feels so good. Feels so nice. I do it every morning and night. Bite my lip, close my eyes, take me away to Paradise.” A little cowbell, a lot of power-pop, and a lot of having fun. That’s ‘blowing dumb,” the new way of saying having fun. I think. “Gone For Good” is the album’s first venture into the great musical style that is garage/punk. The chick wasn’t having it. Nobunny loves her (like he does everyone), but that just wasn’t enough! “Pretty Please Me” is an old sounding country number about the most casual of encounters. No love required! Just a little knack for kissing. “Breathe” is full of cheese and nonsensical lyrics. It’s funny and stuff, probably the least catchiest tune on here, but still always worth a listen. “Live It Up” is an excellent ode to turning things around and just start branching. Just do as many things as possible and not be afraid. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? As people have said time and time again, “Motorhead With Me” will get stuck in your head. If it doesn’t, there’s a problem. It’s probably my second or third favorite Nobunny song ever ever! The toy piano complements the trashy guitars so damn good on “Never Been Kissed.” “Bozo” is the longest Nobunny song ever. It’s the weirdest for sure…especially when the fame circus theme “Entrance of the Gladiators” riff kicks in. After ten songs explaining the ups and downs of having (or lacking) femmes in life, we have “Bozo.” Nobunny is down for anything, y’all.

Grade: A (94)

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