2 thoughts on “An American Hero”

  1. He brought the USA into the Progressive Era. After years of Stalwarts and Half-Breeds and Bourbon Democrats and the Robber Barons running loose, after William Jennings Bryan’s Cross of Gold speech gave him the Democratic nomination but big money made sure he didn’t win the presidency, the McKinley assassination put someone committed to Progressive reforms in power for the very first time. The Robber Barons were curbed somewhat with anti-trust actions and the US was directed in a better way. The McKinley Assassination really helped bring the USA into a better time.

    Funny story is that Theodore Roosevelt was the governor of New York but the big money people thought he was too dangerous there so they arranged to make him Vice President, believing he would be neutered there.

  2. Well, thanks for the insight. I’ve always seen Leon as a tragic figure, because he sacrificed himself for a greater cause (wiping out tyranny) and even though I do not endorse his act I sympathize for such violent radicals as him for essentially murdering mass murderers. Leon’s assassanation, while misguided, had positive motivations. Generally, I believe violence should only be used for self-defense, so I do not approve of his political violence. I am somewhat tongue in cheek when it comes to Leon; it’s part shock factor since most folks are quizzical when they see that I admire a presidential assassin and I am definitely playing with that, but at the same time I acknowledge him as a bastion of committment, “belief put into action” as an aging anarchist put it in Richard Linklater’s 1991 film Slacker- a committment that perhaps could be used in a more constructive manner than assassination.

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