KK+BBQ To Finish Dates

Word on the street courtesy of Bloodshot Bill (Tandoori Knights co-founder with Khan and Ding-Dongs co-founder with Sultan…talk about being in the middle of things!) courtesy of Facebook:

yo, BBQ himself asked me to post this on behalf of the band:
“king khan & BBQ want everyone to know that they are going to play all dates left on their asian tour. It’s on!”

That sounds inspiring. If I had to make a guess Kristin Klein, tour manager of KK+BBQ’s East Coast Autumn 2009 Tour and many other bands that KLYAM loves, will do everything in her power to get these dudes to reconcile and continue. It’s been mentioned before…but might this whole thing be a mere exaggeration or prank? Seriously. Maybe not, but seriously?

14 thoughts on “KK+BBQ To Finish Dates”

  1. disclaimer: bill is not really an honorary klyamer. he just happens to show up from time to time when other favorites show up. his solo stuff doesn’t necessary do the trick …though that one hot shit stripping in one of his youtube videos is fun.

  2. It could have been Khan’s wife again. She did it before. Or perhaps it’s the people there in Shanghai who have known them a long time. Then again, Sultan said on 8 June that they’d probably finish the tour after resuming it in Shanghai.

  3. I don’t think it was a prank. Some blogger in Australia claims that Mark said after the first Sydney show that he didn’t want to play with KK anymore because he acted like a “rock star”. People should understand that they are very different, KK thinks that Mark sometimes is too negative and Mark at times thinks that KK goes to far. This is to be expected. I doubt that Kristen Klein was involved, she did not strike me as the sort who would do such a thing. They finished half of their first album years ago when they got into a fight and it seemed to be over. Khan’s wife said that she thought it was the best stuff he ever did and demanded that they get back together and record the rest of the album and that’s what happened. That was at the beginning. If you want to blame someone for KK&BBQ, blame his wife who also stitched those costumes.

  4. I didn’t mean that she’s involved in the potential break-up, but rather that she seems to have a true admiration for these fellows being with them for a long period of time thus maybe she’ll try everything she can do to get these guys to work things out.

  5. When I mentioned Kristen Klein, I didn’t say she was involved in causing disputes between them, I said that she did not seem to be the kind of person who could have them reconcile, that’s all. Who is going to help them to reconcile? The people in Montreal who were with them at the beginning, Khan’s wife also, in short, people who have a long history with them.

    I don’t really think you should worry too much about this. I think that this will be put on hiatus and Khan in particular will relax his hectic schedule and perhaps in time they’ll be back playing together again. You must understand that Khan has had a heavy schedule and has had made many appearances in many places, and also has achieved a relative success that took years to attain, and has had the chance to meet all sorts of people like Lou Reed. I mean just read that thing he wrote and you can see how he reacted to that. You should just understand that in the end King Khan is only human.

  6. They did play Beijing on 12 June and it was a fiasco. I think that they ended the tour after that.
    This is how it was described.


    When we heard King Khan & BBQ Show were playing D-22, you couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces for the whole week.

    We’ve been listening to the band’s tunes for the past year, and the chance to see what is rumored to be a nasty, energetic, free-for-all live show was one we definitely wanted to take. But the diva-ish duo – who took over an hour to set up, going on at one in the morning – were such pricks that it wrecked the show before it even got started.

    After stopping and starting numerous times, calling for (unnecessary) fine tuning from the sound guy, the audience was restless and annoyed. One guy who called out for them to just get on with it already was given an unwarranted tongue-lashing by BBQ, aka Mark Sultan, who told him to “f-ck off and get your own f-cking band if you don’t like it.”

    We saw the guy leave, and wish we had left with him. Random sarcastic comments about the state of Chinese punk and repeated whining about the sound system caused the sound guy to kill King Khan’s mike – in the middle of the first song.

    A subsequent argument led to the sound guy calling Khan a c***t. Sultan stormed offstage after just two or three tunes, leaving Khan to weakly try and salvage the remains of the wreckage. It didn’t work. The whole thing was intensely uncomfortable, and killed what had been an excellent vibe.

    Not all was lost, however. Pre-Khan, a stellar lineup of bands had the crowd hyped and screaming for more. 24 Hours was a great surprise, nailing a set that had the pit packed and thrashing, while over-the-top Rustic gave their trademark solid performance of pulsing glam rock. We just wish we had left after Rustic.

    1. Screw the audience in that case. Their first show of the East Coast tour was marred by continuous sound problems, but we just hung in there. Mark Sultan was right.

      I highly doubt too many of the fans in that Beijing audience knew about the break-up and if they did then maybe you are right, but true fans will stay with them.

      1. My take on what happened is that Sultan did not like the way Khan was arguing with the sound man, that Khan was being very difficult. Remember the reason for the so-called break-up. Khan was given limits, he breached those limits, and Sultan reacted angrily over it. To him it may have seemed like sabotage during what was supposed to be a triumphant tour. He is a very no-nonsense kind of person, is business-like, is cautious, and he also has a temper. He is not the kind who will make you feel better about yourself, he will tell the unpleasant truth as he sees it.

        My information says that they ended the tour and that Sultan appears to have sympathy for Khan and his situation and doesn’t hate him because of what happened. Sultan, if he concluded that Khan just hasn’t been well, then he’s not going to take it so personally and will understand why things happened as they did. This is why I think that if Khan can have some rest that they could be back together but not any time soon.

        I checked a message board where they were discussing this and this “King Khan has a nervous breakdown” angle is suggested, one person said he should “get over” the death of Jay Reatard because that figured in his missive about the opera house, that one of the things that pushed things over the edge and led the opera house to ban him was a ritualistic wine spilling as a tribute to his memory. There seems to be little doubt that this death affected him deeply. He never passes up a chance to pay tribute to him.

  7. I hope that people don’t turn against them for this – harbouring some resentment or whatever behind their support, the whole let’s celebrate people when they are doing well and condemn them when they’re in trouble. I suppose it’s too much to ask that people don’t turn against them. Thankfully, these things haven’t been much covered so they can take a break from this and see what to do in the future and these things won’t be too well remembered.

  8. I was wrong again – if we are to believe a recent statement posted on 18 June (though the date 5 May appears on supercolorsuper.com – must be a bug or something), they made it to Daegu in South Korea and there it broke up. It appears to have been written either by Mark Sultan or a proxy…

    Important Announcement!
    Due to last-minute collisions and circumstances in Daegu, including: a wrecked-up apartment, injuries sustained from slipping in beer and a 3-hour talk with a monk, King Khan will NOT be appearing with the band, and “The King Khan and BBQ Show” is officially finished! BBQ will now be headlining solo for the rest of the Korea Tour!

  9. Now that the KK & BBQ Show is dead please tell the world who you blame for this – is it mostly Khan or mostly Sultan? Before answering the question I will present one fact.

    Only one of the two have been in acrimonious band break ups before. That is Mark Sultan, and the band was the Sexareenos.

  10. I suppose it’s a bit of both. Khan for his behavior and Sultan for not being able to tolerate it. I’m leaning more towards the latter, because after all it’s the King Khan & BBQ Show! But, then again I don’t know what it must be like in Mark’s shoes.

    1. What is it like to be in Mark’s shoes? I have had some hints over the years. Sultan did not have as privileged a background as Khan and some of the Sexareenos. This seemed to figure in the troubles with that band. The perceived range of possibilities tends to be greater when one is of more privileged background – and when privileged people make mistakes they tend to be bailed out in ways that they can’t imagine happening for themselves. I also think that Mark sees himself as the driving force of whatever band he’s in and I think he increasingly develops the opinion that he does not need those other people. Mark is also quite a bit older than his Spaceshits band mates were – older I think than he lets on. I’m talking as many as five years older – this helps put him apart. Mark seems often as a brooding loner – which is one reason I maintain sympathy for him despite past problems. He’s very different from Khan.

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