EP Review: Everything Must Go [2010]

Band: Top Surprise
Release: 5/2010
Label: Pug Records

1. “Samsara” – (A-)
2. “Saturn (The Season)” – (B+)
3. “More Than Cool” – (A-)
4. “Home” – (A-)
5. “Lagarto Drugs” – (C-)
6. “I Shoot the Devil” – (B+)
7. “80 Comes” – (B-)

Comments: The rock and roll aspect of this album (minus the bullshit) is very pleasing and competes with the likes of honorary KLYAMers like No Age and maybe even Thee Oh Sees. The bullshit is bullshit and brings the album down; I’m looking at you tracks number 5 and 7! There’s some excitement to be enjoyed here. So enjoy it.

Grade: B (85)

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