Thoughts on Hunter S. Thompson

I really dig Thompson’s no bullshit style of writing. He told exactly what he felt and wasn’t afraid to include detail and perspective down to minutiae. That said, he really tired this approach. Ho, ho. I will say some of his phrases are money. Getting to his books: Fear and Loathing was interesting as fuck to start, but had me losing interest toward the end of the tale. Better Than Sex was witty, but had a lot of fluff that maybe only political junkies appreciate? Hey Rube has a lot of interesting columns and some flat-out uninteresting ones. His rant on eliminating the pitcher position was gold whereas his schpeel on the XFL was merely average. He’s good in small doses. A nice read on occasion. I give him a B.

One thought on “Thoughts on Hunter S. Thompson”

  1. Psshh B, motherfucker is an A! I actually haven’t read any of his Sports material and I have yet to read Better than Sex, but I have read enough of his Political work to really dig it, but it does drag at times. Fear and Loathing loses some interest toward the end I admit, but only a little, it comes back by the very end. I suggest Kingdom of Fear, his memoir and Hell’s Angels, an up close and personal look at the gang. The latter is more straight forward and Pre Gonzo. I also want to read The Campaign Trail 72, because I hear it’s classic Hunter, amongst other works, but I’ve read enough of his work for right now, I gotta give some other cats a chance lol.

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