Subversive Book Club Review: Psych…

Author: Carl Jung (published as C.G. Young)
Full Title: Psychology and Religion
Year: 1938

Well, here’s a rather unique addition for our little Subversive Book Joint. The broad topics of Psychology and Religion have barey (if at all) entered the sphere of Book Club reviews and what other better way to kick off this occasion than with Psych’s Spock, Carl Jung! Jung, unlike his mentor, Sigmund Freud, focused less on the role of sex in our psyche and more on shadows, archetypes, and all that jazz. As you can probably guess my knowledge of Psychology is very limited to a couple of general psych courses, so much of this work was a bit too “heady” for me, but I appreciated delving into deep thought with Jung’s musings. Specifically, I dig his theory that it is our thoughts that are actually the most dangerous elements in life and not things like torandos and nuclear bombs. Sit on that for a while…. Overall, I like the way Jung isn’t dogmatic with his approaches, like most others are.

I’m not going to grade this because I do not feel like I am in any position to judge it as a “good” or “bad” book, but I enjoyed doing a little exploring.


2 thoughts on “Subversive Book Club Review: Psych…”

  1. Actually, Freud was much more like Spock than Jung. Jung was a much more feeling and intuitive kind of guy, Freud overly rational.

    But I think you’re right, us and our thoughts are the most dangerous elements out there in the world…
    btw, check out the drawings in Jung’s Red Book if you think he is Spockish..

  2. Ha thanks for the comment. I actually don’t think he’s that Spockish, I only said Spock because he’s second to only Kirk in term of famous Star Trek characters, much like Jung is only second to Freud as famous figures in psychology, I suppose.

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