EP Review: ZOL! [2010]

Release: 6/2010
Label: Secretly Canadian

1. “Iietys” – C
2. “Bogobe” – C+
3. “Zol!” – A-
4. “Paradise” – B
5. “Mzabalazo” –  B+

Direction. It’s something BLK JKS had in their excellent debut track “Lakeside,” but is something that this release is lacking. I liked how “Lakeside” was short and immediately catchy. Going the route of six minute aimless tracks isn’t a viable route for most bands. “Iietys” is a tough listening journey with spurts of neatness, thanks in large part to a solid beat. Besides that, though? Too long. Even the experimentally inclined “Bogobe” is backed by a bare-bones bass-line that makes it borderline enjoyable. The Carribean flavored title track is absolutely outstanding in comparison to the first two. Think early 2000s Animal Collective intertwined with African tribal shouts. “Paradise” is a bit too maniacal for my tastes and wears its harder rock influences on its sleeves. Comparatively, though, it’s got a fine flow…something much needed when length is taking into account. Despite the craziness of the final tune, I find it pretty good. There’s a lot of layers in it, but like its two predecessors is relatively easy on critical ears.

Grade: B- (82)

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