6 thoughts on “New Tandoori Knights Vid!”

  1. So, is this everyone’s favourite King Khan project? Not counting the big three acts that are well known. Aside from those there’s the thing with Pat Meteor on which there’s a nice picture of the both of them being burned at the stake, there’s the Black Jaspers thing done almost 10 years ago but released last year. What do people want him to do next? What should his new project be like? Does anyone expect anything he does to not be crazy?

  2. One more thing – speculate please on when the next completely new King Khan project will release material. Will it be 1-2 months, 3-6 months, 6 months to a year, or some time in the next 3 years, or never.

  3. This seemed like almost a joke project to me at first considering the videos like this one that Bill has put up. But he says it’s going to drop in August, which I’d say sounds about right. Stuff gets pushed back all the time like The Ding Dongs album which was supposed to come out March 29 or something and is finally being released today.

  4. That Ding Dongs video was shot in January and it was extremely cold here when they did it… I have to congratulate them from braving that weather for the occasion. Had they known it would be delayed they could shot the video under more favourable conditions.

    They were selling a Tandoori Knights record during the KKBBQ tour at the merchandise desk, I thought it was already out – perhaps there’s more material there they recorded last summer. The Almighty Defenders thing was out last September, the Black Jaspers record was out in December and the King Khan-Pat Meteor record was released in mid-March of this year. Then there was Invisible Girl out in November. So with all of that who is to say there won’t be something completely new and unexpected that will be out soon.

  5. I think the Tandoori Knights record you are speaking of is the “Pretty Please” 7″ released in October. That was quick.

    Have you heard anything new about the King Khan/GZA collaboration?

  6. The information out there suggests that King Khan’s input will end up on a GZA record, Wu Tang or whatever it’s called, I don’t know much about that, he liked the lo-fi aesthetics and all that, and it won’t be something separate, King Khan did play guitar when they played at the NXNE festival. For several months last year in the summer King Khan was based in Montreal which made it easier to be involved with North American-based people. The Black Lips lived in Montreal for a couple of weeks at least at that time so that they could prepare the Almighty Defenders act.

    There seems to be two kinds of King Khan collaborations, those that look ahead and those that look to the past. That is, he, with the arguable exception of Mark Sultan, has made it further in the business than anyone else from that Montreal scene. Some collaborations like that with the Black Lips as the Almighty Defenders, that with GZA help consolidate his importance in the wider scene, so those look ahead. The ones that look to the past are the ones that involve people from the past, from Montreal, friends and people he knew when he was much younger. The Tandoori Knights is such an act and so is the record he made with Pat Meteor.

    There are other things most people haven’t heard of like Cocobeurre, which is King Khan, King Khan’s sister and her husband who is an ex-Spaceshits rhythm guitarist along with Choyce… There’s another version of this without King Khan called the Milky Ways. http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/cocobeurre

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