CD Review: The Ding-Dongs S/T [2010]

Band: The Ding-Dongs (Mark Sultan & Bloodshot Bill)
Release: 5/2010
Label: Norton

1. “Ding-Dong Party” – B+
2. “Don’t Ring, Come On In” – A-
3. “Until I Die” – B+
4. “Come On Lil Dolly” – B+
5. “She’s A Tiger” – B+
6. “Woman Cops” – A
7. “Knock Me Down” – B
8. “You Better Hide” – A-
9. “Military Mama” – C+
10. “Worried Man” – B-
11. “What’s That Sound” – A
12. “Crazy Dreams” – B
13. “Last Laugh” – B

Comments: BYODD. Bring your own ding-dong. That seems like the most logical thing to do at a “Ding Dong Party.” Bloodshot and Mark sing with such conviction that I almost forgot that the concept of such a song is total cheese. The same goes for pretty much all the tracks on this record. As you’d probably guess (judging by the ghost of Mark Sultan and Bloodshot Bill past), this is textbook Rockabilly For Dummies or Primitive Rock and Roll for Junkies. “Woman Cops” stuck in my head since I heard it first a few months ago. Walking down the street or sitting down reading a book, the words “Woman Cops, when you love to beat me” suddenly came to me. It’s such a quick song that I got a feeling of, wait a second, I don’t remember it being THIS short! Oh well! Good track. As I mentioned when I reviewed Waylon Thornton’s latest offering…there is only so much you can do within this kind of framework without really changing things up. True, a lot of these songs are just undifferentiated old school party numbers. Unless, you are listening with absolute acuity, it’s hard to argue otherwise. “What’s That Sound” is more gritty and resolute, more instantly catchy than any other track on here. To answer the song title’s question…I’ll guess pee pee. All right, so let’s get something clear: if you are a die-hard Bloodshot Bill fan, you’ll be loving this. If you are a die-hard Mark Sultan fan, but only like BB marginally (who am I talking about?), you’ll be liking this. If you don’t like anything either of the two have put out (in their respective bands), shit, you are out of luck. BUT WAIT…if I like the King Khan and BBQ Show, will I like this? Not as much as you probably wanted to. This is like Hunts Ketchup vs. Heinz Ketchup. Hunts just doesn’t match up.

Grade: B (86)

CD Review: Yours Truly [2010]

Band: Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands
Release: 1/2010
Label: White Moon Recordings

1. “Yours Truly” – A-
2. “Meet Me By The Garbage Can” – A
3.”I See Evil” – A
4.”Color TV” – A
5. “Walking With The Wicked” – A-
6. “I Slayed The Hydra” – B+
7. “Men Don’t Cry” – A-
8. “Teenage Gluehead” – A
9. “Coca Cola Rock ‘N Roll” – A-
10. “Wolf Wagon” – B-
11. “The Man With The Golden Arm” – B+
12. “Tuned Out” –A+
13. “Black Fur” – A-
14. “Manson Halloween” – N/A [Funny, though]

Comment: Ding Dong! First came Waylon Thornton then came the Ding Dongs, I know. As far as a point of reference go I’m thinking three parts Bloodshot Bill and two parts Mark Sultan on this one. Bill’s instrumentation and Mark’s singing. This psychobilly filled mother father was released on cassette! How 1995 of Waylon! The best song on here is “Tuned Out.” It’s a quickie, clocking in @ 1:38. Definitely give this crazy thing a listen if you are into Ding Dong kind of tomfoolery.

Grade: A- (91)

CD Review: Those Darlins

Chris will probably follow-up soon with an extensive review of his own. This is just for my record keeping purposes.

Band: Those Darlins
Release: 2009

1. “Red Light Love” – 8.8
2. “Wild One” – 8.3
3. “Mama’s Heart” – 8.4
4. “Hung up on Me” – 8.5
5. “The whole damn Thing” – 8.5
6. “Who’s That knockin’ at my Window” – 7.9
7. “Snaggle Tooth Mama” – 7.7
8. “Cannonball Blues” – 8.2
9. “222” –  9.0
10. “DUI or DIE” – 8.6
11. “Keep my Skillet Good and Greasy” – 7.2

Comment: Country has never been my thing, per se, though at least a few of my favorite bands draw at least some significant influence from the genre. Those Darlins are probably best described as a throwback to early country/rockabilly. I guess it’s not really my thing, but  I do appreciate it.

Grade: 8.3

Quote of the Day

Comes from Bloodshot Bill:

“”Most people who see me on the street see my pompadour and just call me Elvis. I don’t think I look anything like Elvis but that’s all they know. Most people don’t know anything about rockabilly, let alone psychobilly. When people see me play, they wonder how I invented this type of music – it’s crazy how little people know about music outside of Limp Bizkit or some shit. Psychobilly is just good-time music that uses traditonal rockabilly and can get really crazy. If it’s not fun and really crazy, then it just isn’t psychobilly.”