Classic CD Review: Love Visions

Band: Nobunny
Release: 2008
Label: Goner Records

1. “Nobunny Loves You” – A+
2. “I Know I Know” – A
3. “Mess Me Up” – A-
4. “I Am A Girlfriend” – A
5. “Tina Goes To Work” – A-
6. “Chuck Berry Holiday” – A+
7. “Boneyard”- A+
8. “Somewhere Near” – A-
9. “Church Mouse” – A
10. “It’s True” – B+
11. “Don’t Know, Don’t Care” – C-
12. “Not That Good” – A-

Comments: When you think of Nobunny, you think of a crazy guy decked out in minimal layers of clothing and a bunny mask. Just listening to him and his ever changing crew on this record is like watching a 3-D movie with a blindfold on. This is the kind of disc that probably works the best on vinyl and I’m as apathetic towards vinyl as the next guy. Though, I must admit the digital version on headphones has some entertaining odds and ends. “Chuck Berry Holiday” is so great. WHERE DID SHE GO? I DONT KNOW! The surf/Mika Miko qualities of “Boneyard” make for a great follow-up.

Grade: A-

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