Chris On…

This is a new series in which I briefly reveal my main views on various issues/topics. So, here’s Chris on

Welfare: In a perfect world there will be no welfare and the wealth will be perfectly distributed and everyone will contribute something positive to society. Well, we’re not quite there yet haha. Many people need it and then many others take advantage of the system, so I understand why most people have a big beef about it. Unfortunately, folks don’t see the real enemy; we should be more infuriated at the government for stealing our hard earned money and funding mass murder, oil thirsty, campaigns amonst other heinous crimes against humanity. Also, Americans never mention corporate welfare, which needs to be cut immediately as Ralph Nader declared. Most likely they are unaware of the greatest “welfare cheats,” the major corporations perhaps because the corporate media will not report it.

G.G. Allin: He was a vile, John Wayne Gacey wannabe, loser. He was the man you love to hate, with good reason. Musically, the songs were average to below average, with exceptions. I enjoy the exceptions far more than some talented pussy, singer-songwriter like John Mayer, who is perhaps “better” than Jesus Christ Allin, but doesn’t give me the kicks. GG was sadistic, but in a savagely hilrarious way. Completely unique and committed to doing whatever the fuck he felt like doing at that moment, whether it be relieving himself on stage, smearing shit all over his body, and then throwing the remnants at his audience, or marrying a teenage, die hard, fan! This quality, as strange as it sounds, is incredibly admirable and it is unfortunate that he didn’t use his fearlessness in a constructive manner. Oh well, I suppose being a complete, sociopathic, meance to society is infinitely more fascinating.

Taste In Females: Well, this is for looks only and I have other tastes, but these are my strongest preferences. Dirty blonde hair, blue/green eyes, rosy red cheeks, long, pinkish/light red tonuge, tight jeans sporting a nice little butt, akin to Holden’s descriptiong of Sally Hayes’ tush at the skating rink! “Che Tits” I’ll let your mind wander on that one ahaha. I bet whatever images conjure up in your psyche is better than me explaining my deal. And how could I forget BIG BLACK BOOTS!!! :) Lord knows I have a strange fetish for this article of clothing. I actually dig other colored boots, but particularly black. When I see a good pair on some fine, young thing it’s like a beatiful whiplash! Now, inner beaty, that’s a whole other story, too complicated for just a few lines.


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