Black Lips & Orwells SXSW Interviews

The AU Review’s been on the up n up interviewing some KLYAM faves. Check it out.

Black Lips

Part II:

The Orwells

Review: Miami Doritos, Kal Marks, Buttercup @ Charlie’s Kitchen (3/17/14)

FAST APPLE presents: Nice Guys, Kal Marks, Miami Doritos, Buttercup
Date: Monday, March 17, 2014
Venue: Charlie’s Kitchen (Cambridge, MA)

I haven’t been taking care of my show “reviews” the way I should be. You can call me out on it, you can pinch my nipples extra hard when you see me next. Extra hard. So, here’s a show from a few weeks back.

Buttercup - Aww, look at the cute little buttercup, aww. Nope, not these guys. They’ll eat you up and tear you a new asshole. Tear you three. Buttercup is Nathan (guitar/vocals) and Lee (drums) of local favorites Saralee. This performance is a departure from the soft, serene pop of Saralee. Buttercup is blistering noise without a hint or care for melody or pop. With that being said, their song “Fucked You In My Car” has stuck to me for the last few weeks. It’s sticky.

Rough, unsafe at any speed, and harmful for all ages. Buttercup:

Miami Doritos – The Miami Doreets are back in Boston! These Doreets just got back from a slammin’ tour with fellow rough riders NICE GUYS and they aren’t even stopping for a breather.

I first saw Miami Doritos last July and in the subsequent months I have come to adore everything about them. Which is actually funny because I often have a hard time describing the band to people. Mad people (I don’t know why they are so maddd) will go up to me and say “hey, what’s up with these doritos? Are they really from Miami? What’s going on? Who am I?” I don’t know what to tell them, but here’s a shot. Musically, this vocals/guitar/drums based two piece, are a rough mixture of  bizarre garage punk and screechy noise pop. It’s not all brutality though, they are a fun, charming bunch of ragamuffins.

I’ve never been to Charlie’s before. I know, it’s whack, but I also have never lived in the city. It’s a tight venue and the place is bumpin’, bumpin’ to the doreets in all their wacky goodness. For more wacky goodness. Hit up their bandcamp:

Kal Marks – Kal Marks is a straight up epic band. It’s hard not to get swept away in this group’s overwhelming sound and emotion. They have almost a classic rock feel to them, but not in a cheesy or pretentious way.

I’ve seen Kal Marks several times over the years, but this is the first time my brother has seen them and he’s going nuts and he’s not the only one. Alas, we have to depart earlier than expected on this evening and aren’t able to catch the full set :(. In time, we’ll catch you again Kal.

Nice Guys – The name ain’t a misnomer! Listen to them here: and seriously pick up a copy of the Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7″ from KLYAM Records!


Flashback: The Reatards in New York (4/28/00)

It’s Monday and I’m feeling tired already. So, here’s footage of Jay performing with The Reatards from wayyyyy back, way before my time. You can hear such Reatardian gems as “Stacye,” “It Ain’t Me,” and “Bummer Bitch.” This will wake us all up.

Deep Thoughts…

Deep Thoughts from Sasha Tolmachyov on Vimeo.

Check out this short documentary on one of Boston’s best record stores, Deep Thoughts in Jamaica Plain. Keep an eye out at 3:01 for a KLYAM Records Release!

Listen: Peach Kelli Pop – “Do the Eggroll” Japanese Version!

Yo, I know y’all loved the OG Eggroll from Peach Kelli Pop, but you will piss your pants when you hear this new Japanese version! It’s available through Recess Records (Japan).
Listen here:

Review: The Orwells & Twin Peaks @ Great Scott (3/4/14)

Bands: The Orwells, Twin Peaks
Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Venue: Great Scott (Allston, MA)

Twin Peaks – Twin Peaks are on tour with their fellow Chicago brethren, The Orwells. I’ve never seen the dudes before, but I dig what I hear now. They seem to have a similar style as the headliners; mixing the bare bones style of garage with a further reaching, bigger ROCK sound, and not coming off as cheesy might I add.

While I do enjoy Twin Peaks, they play for a little bit longer than I need. Johnny Ramone  once said that young bands should play for fifteen minutes. Essentially Johnny is saying hit the audience like a bucket of water with your best material and leave them thirsting for more. Then again, you’re on tour, only two bands are playing, play a long set, enjoy the experience.

The Orwells – These fine, young men must really love Boston. We’ve been spoiled in the past year, with this being the fifth KLYAM attended Orwells show. The gamut has ranged from somewhat empty clubs to gianormous arenas, and everywhere in between. The band opening for FIDLAR at the Sinclair was the best, until now.

To rewind for one second, last month we saw Chicago’s finest opening for Arctic Monkeys at Agganis Arena alongside Deerhunter. Tasty swells indeed, but let’s face it arenas are just massive shitholes. Like a shithole inside of a shithole for shitholes. The Orwells done well, just they were so so so far away. I want my Orwells right in front of me, staring through my very soul, like one Mario Cuomo (vocals) always does, when he’s not being pig piled by a series of babes and fanboys  galore. Needless to say, The Orwells feel right at home here at Great Scott – a 250  capacity venue. Sold out show, may I add.

Yes, the kids are moshing and sloshing and playing and swaying about to all the classic (yes classic!) Orwells tunes and then some. In addition to the band’s standard covers of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and “Build Me Up Buttercup” apparently they also cover Black Lips’ “Not A Problem.” How do I miss this?!

The set crashes to its conclusion when a fucked Mario hucks the mic stand into the crowd (or maybe that was earlier in the show? I don’t know anymore) as an ensuing storm of hysterical Orwells fans flood the stage and hover over the frontman. Meanwhile, he clutches my hand and stares me down, without blinking once. He’s an odd duck.

All in all, one of the best shows of twenty-fourteen thus far. Orwells we always welcome you with open arms.

and why not throw up the new Nardwuar interview for y’all.

Review: Atlantic Thrills & White Pages @ Video Underground (2/28/14)

Bands: Atlantic Thrills, White Pages
Date: Friday, February 28, 2014
Venue: Video Underground (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Video Underground, I’ve been meaning to be in you for a couple of years now. You are a dying breed. No, actually breathing your last few breaths, sadly. I miss video stores soooo much. I have numerous fond memories of being a child and spending hours in videos stores (big shout out to Video Master in Wakefield, MA!) I rented A Clockwork Orange, Raging Bull, and Blue Velvet as a little kid, imagine me at recess. No wonder I was the odd man out. I also remember being hassled for skeeving my way into the 18 +  section. I was a curious kid hehe. Got a huge kick out of the adults making their awkward purchases hehe.

So yes, it is fantastic to be back inside an actual video store. I heard this place is shutting down or not?  What’s the scoop? I certainly hope it isn’t!

White Pages – I’ve heard about this band a million times, but I’ve never actually seen them live. I’m not really enthralled by their performance and for the most part it just comes off as generic garage rock to me. I’ll check out their music on bandcamp and see if I feel differently.

Atlantic Thrills – Fuck man, Atlantic Thrills, well this is their album release show. Boston album release show anyway. We had a grande olde time at the Providence album release show and you can read about it here: We really hoped to bring back all the nudity, silly string, and general feeling of debauchery that was such a huge part of what made that show so special, but it just wasn’t happening tonight. That’s okay. We’ve been there before.

As I’ve written in the past, we’ve seen Thrillz shows filled with non stop moshing and dancing and then there’s been times where the crowd barely moves much at all. Tonight is more like the latter.

So, essentially it’s just Glen and me jumping up and down, getting all hysterical and primitive. We’re fresh off a Nice Guys/Miami Doritos tour kick off show – we’re all revved up and ready to go. Alas, we aren’t able to get others to join in all our lively commotion. Sometimes, it’s just not happening. That’s alright, it won’t stop us from having fun and it doesn’t stop the band either. Tragically, an outside force does indeed STOP the fun. About halfway through “Day At the Beach,” the po po shows up to ruin everyone’s good time. Bands playing at videos stores is apparently one of the top criminal offenses in the city of Boston. What’s even worse is that Liquor Store came all of the way from New Jersey and didn’t get to play. Next time gentlemen, we’ll reconvene under more civil circumstances.



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