Well, look what we have here. Boston behemoths Kal Marks are heading out on tour next month and you’d be a fool and a communist if you missed it. They are one of Boston’s greatest exports. See for yourself. http://kalmarks.bandcamp.com/

Tour Dates:
04/17 UTICA NY @ The DEV
04/18 Kent OH. @ The Stone Tavern
04/19 Louisville KY @ Astro Black
04/20 Carbondale IL. @ The Swamp
04/21 Milwaukee WI. @ House show TBA
04/22 Chicago Il. @ Situations
04/23 Kalamazoo MI @ Milhouse
04/24 Athens OH @ Lobsterfest
04/25 Buffalo NY @ Jungle Gym
04/26 Brooklyn NY @ Death By Audio

BUT WAIT I FORGOT: If you’re in the Boston area and looking for something to do on St. Patrick’s Day you can catch the band at Charlie’s Kitchen (Cambridge) playing alongside KLYAM Records’ starlets Nice Guys and Miami Doritos (fresh off a two week tour) as well as Buttercup, whom I am not familiar with, but I’m sure is as delicious as its name.

And what the hey, here’s a video of Kal Marks playing at Mill 5 in Lowell. Shot by Steve “Rat” Albert.

The Leprechaun Gazette

March 17, 1997

There was a leprechaun named Patrick he was a cheerful man. Every day in Ireland he saw a rainbow with pot of gold. People said where is the pot of gold. Patrick always thought there was a pot of gold. People said there is no pot of gold but there is a rainbow. One day he ment a little girl Melanie she was crying. Patrick said what’s wrong. Melanie said I ran away from my home and I miss my parnets thats why I am crying. And I have no food. Patrick gave Melanie some bread that was in his pocket. Than Melanie said there are my parnets and she stoped crying. Her parnets said thank you very much. Patrick said no plombe I love kids. Melanie’s mom said is that a pot of gold I see. They said wow! Patrick said I was right there is a pot of gold. Patrick walked back to his house and everybody said you were right there is a pot of gold. Patrick got the gold and share it with everbody in his town. Everybody loved Patrick. People called him St. Patrick because he said there was gold. From that day on because of Patrick we have a St. Patrick’s day.

The end.