JEFF The Brotherhood Making The MLB Video Game Rounds

Two JEFF The Brotherhood songs will be heard by the baseball video game playing minions next month! Their 2009 cut “U Got The Look” is on the soundtrack for MLB 12: The Show while “Shredder” from 2011’s We Are The Champions is on Major League Baseball 2K12. Check out the “U Got The Look” music video below:

“O Katrina!” On Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack

Black Lips Good Bad Not Evil hit “O Katrina!” will be featured in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, scheduled for an August 13 release date. Scott Pilgrim features Michael Cera and judging from the trailer (which I’m not going to post) it does not look like my cup of tea.

Jens Lekman News!

Found on his official website:

There’s a few of my songs in Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut “Whip it”. Drew was really nice, she flew me out to LA, we had a cup of coffee and she showed me some clips from the movie. Usually I say no to film synchs because you just get a short synopsis from someone’s agent’s agent, and I always feel awkward my song will end up in the wrong context. You know, I write my songs for specific people, I find it hard to find them applied to someone elses story. But Drew listened to my concerns and we discussed the scenes she had in mind.

At some point our conversation drifted away and I think we were talking about monkeys, and it just struck me right there and then how surreal my life has become. And how absurd it is when anyone expects any kind of real compensation in this business. Compensation for what ? I’ve been touring on and off like crazy, I’ve put so much work into recording and writing. And in the end what I make my money from is talking to Drew Barrymore about monkeys…

The soundtrack is compiled by Randall Poster, who put together the soundtracks for the Wes Andersson movies among others. His soundtracks are like amazing little jukeboxes of random goodies. I haven’t seen the movie but it seems to be falling smoothly into the category of American movies about teenage love and alternative sports. From Breaking Away to Bring It On.