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Music Vid: Robot Death Kites – “No Thanks”/ New EP

After a long, tiring, mind numbing work week I could use a band like Robot Death Kites. Fast, heavy, sludgy PUNK. Blistering anti-establishment that will knock fat corporate ogres flat on their fat fucking asses. Above is the band’s new music video for “No Thanks,” a song from their upcoming EP Yuppie Nightmare, which you can pre order here: http://robotdeathkites.bandcamp.com/

The EP release show is at Shea Stadium (Brooklyn, NY) on Saturday, June 7th. Sleep tight. 

Music Video: Juan Wauters – “Water”

Mmmm yeah, let me have a piece of that. That water is so delicious, it goes down so smooth with the Uruguayan voice and words of Mr. Juan Wauters. The song/video before you is called “Water,” and if you dig the folksy, mind bending stuff this cat has brought to you before both solo and of course in The Beets, then you will dig this. The video is directed by Beets/Juan vet Matthew Volz.

Don’t leave just yet. Juan has a new album out on Captured Tracks entitled N.A.P. North American Poetry. Ok, now you’re dismissed.

Music Video: The Orwells – “The Righteous One”

The Orwells destroyed the other night opening for Arctic Monkeys and Deerhunter at Agganis Arena. Yes, Agganis Arena, a corporate monstrosity, not very rock ‘n’ roll, but damn we just had to catch three bands we’ve loved over the years all packed together on one fine bill. Check out The Orwells on the rest of their tour with Arctic Monkeys and take a gander at the music video above for “The Righteous One” directed by Eddie O’Keefe.

Music Video: Black Lips – “Boys in the Wood”

Well, look what we have here. The new music video for the Black Lips‘ “Boys in the Wood” off of their upcoming country fried album Underneath the Rainbow. Get a teeny taste of the rainbow with this video. It’s a wacky one, not exactly my dish, but I’m not too big into music videos anyway. I loved me some “Fad” though, hot damn!

Music Video: Dylan Ewen – “500 Days of Bummer”

This shit is so good. This is a sick song from the recent Dylan Ewen & The Southern Gospel Gangbusters cassette. Pick that shit up from BUFU Records. Dylan just went on tour with Free Pizza and some of it is documented here in this video. I’m far too drunk to go into any other descriptions right now. Enjoy.