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The Legend of Lou Miami

Lou Miami was a local legend in the Boston rock and roll community in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Lou and his band The Kozmetix never released an LP – just four singles and two EPs in their brief 4 year career. I remember digging up the Lou Miami and the Cosmetics EP about two years ago and being blown away. His Boston accent is the most recognizable component of the Lou Miami sound, but his songwriting and the band’s performance on these songs are top notch. In “Vehicle For Love” the drums take reign over the bopping bass and guitar drive while Lou “eye-eye-eye-eye”s to pop perfection. “Dancing With Death” mocks the bland commercialism of the day in an eclectic danceable, repetitive groove. Read through the YouTube comments on that video and it is clear how highly music fans thought of the man back in his day.

In an interview on local TV program 30 GO, Lou described his outlook on live performance:
“A lot of bands just stand there and play, which gets kind of boring. I think the audience wants to be entertained. They want to forget that they work in a factory…that that’s all they do forty hours a week. They want to go somewhere to scream and yell and go crazy. You have to be up there screaming, yelling, and going crazy to get them to do it too.”

The legend of Lou Miami lives on, check out his music if you have not!