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KLYAMER Shuffle: Chris

Inspired by Glen’s earlier post, I hit shuffle on my ipod and this is what came up….

Black Lips– “Born to be a Man” (2006)- The best way to kick off the list.

Bill Hicks– “My One Man Show” (1990)- Another one of my favorites!

Pixies– “Here Comes Your Man” (1989)- Wow, the third song in a row with the word “man” in the title.

Beat Happening– “Black Candy” (1989)- The first BH song I ever heard; one of their greatest offerings.

Descendents– “Clean Sheets” (live) (1987)- Damn, I’d love to have been present for this recording.

Elvis Costello– “Accidents Will Happen” (1979)- FUN FACT: In E.T. (1982), the character Michael (Robert MacNaughton) can be heard singing this in the scene when he comes home from school and is looking in the refrigerator.

Rage Against the Machine– “Mic Check” (1999)- Top five best 90s bands, end of story.

Minutemen– “This Ain’t No Picnic” (1984)- A lot of 80s underground shit in this mix.

Primus– “My Name is Mud” (1993)- I remember hearing this as a kid and thinking it was the most fucked up thing I had ever heard, until Frank Zappa….

Hüsker Dü– “Turn On the News” (1984)- Maybe the huskers’ best.

I would not say this list is totally representative of my tastes in music, but I enjoy everything here and I have for quite some time.

KLYAMer Shuffle: Chris

Neil Young– Like a Hurricane (1977)- not one of my favorites from NY, but still a great tune.

The Beatles– All You Need Is Love (1967)- The title says it all, pretty much sums up their message.

The Pogues– Everyman Is a King (1989)- I play this every Fourth of July.

The Shaggs– My Pal Foot Foot (1969)- Classic outisder art.

The King Khan & BBQ Show (2004)- Get Down- A fine track from this KLYAM favorite’s debut record.

Johnny Cash– Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart (live at Folsom) (1968)- Badass Cash! Folsom is the perefect setting for this song/album.

Alice in Chains– Would? (1992)- I’m glad we still hear kickass bands like Alice on the mainstream radio, since most of the time they (the radio stations) play absolute rubbish! Layne’s vocals are powerful here.

Frank Zappa– Are You Hung Up? (1968)- A bizarre opener to a bizarre album from a bizarre man.

Anti-Flag– Turncoat (2003)- Admittedly, a little bit too punk poppish for my taste at times, but still a decent tune.

Rage Against the Machine– War Withing a Breath (1999)- “Every official that comes in, cripples us, leaves us maimed, silent and tamed, and with our flesh and bones he builds his homes.” I often think of these words when a new official is elected to office, like Obama.

The Replacements– Careless (1981)- Old School, wild rowdy, Mats!