Harpers Ferry Closing


Farewell Harpers, I saw several great artists at your venue including Jay Reatard, Box Elders, Hunx and His Punx, Nobunny, Trevor Hall, Kurt Vile, Real Estate, TV Smith, Pretty and Nice, amongst others. Not to mention the long list of notable artists I did not see perform there. So long!

Memories W/ Jay

I got acknowledged by Jay Reatard twice in my life. Two times in the same night, as a matter of fact. The first was admittedly awkward. I saw Jay walk by before the show (at Harpers Ferry, October 2) so I said to him as he passed, “Hey Jay, I love you man.” I didn’t really notice his reaction, because he kept walking, but some people close to me have said that he smirked. The other meeting occured a short time later; Jay was chilling near the front of the stage so I said “Hey Jay, your last record is really awesome.” He responded! He said, “Thanks, man.” Of course, I was a creep, but whatever!