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An Evening With Greg Dulli- Concert Review-Brattle Theater

Yesterday was the moment I have been waiting for quite a while for a chance to see Greg Dulli live in concert, and even though it was an accoustic show, its a chance I have been waitng for since I first heard the Afghan Whigs 6 years ago (I was late to the party, I know)

Opening Act: Craig Wedren from Shudder to Think

Anyway doors were supposed to open at 7:00, they actually opened at around 7:20. First let me just say although the Brattle theater seems like an odd choice for a venue, for this show it worked at least, it was intimate, the sound was great, and everyone had a good view of the stage (which probably couldn’t hold more then 3 people). The opening act Craig Wedren ex lead singer (or current he didn’t seem that sure himself) of the band Shudder to Think. His set consisted of him with a guitar and a few pedals which he used masterfully. It was an experience in minimalism, and he really seemed to enjoy being on stage, all musicians do but he really seemed to relish the opportunity. I wasn’t familiar with his solo work or his work with Shudder to Think, but what I heard I liked, he defiantly falls into the singer-songwriter category of music, in fact for one Shudder to Think song he said here is the song ‘drastically reinterpreted’ and I got the feeling it was reinterpreted not only because of necessity of being the only man on stage, but because this was the song of he had envisioned, and that’s probably the best way to describe Craig Wedren’s music, it was solely is vision. Truth is Craig is just a very, very talented guy who was doing playing his songs, the way he wanted them to be played, and it worked, the set was strong and it set the mood for the main act.


Greg Dulli Setlist

1. St. Gregory
2. God’s Children
3. Blackbird and the Fox
4. The Lure Would Prove Too Much
5. Bonnie Brae
6. Kings Only
7. Fourty Dollars
8. Hyperballad (Bjork Cover)
9. Step into the Light
10. Gunshots
11. If I Were Going
12. Summer’s Kiss
13. Follow You Down
14. The Stations
15. Never Seen No Devil

16. Candy Cane Crawl
17. Down The Line
18. Teenage Wristband
19. Twilight Kid.

Encore 2

20. Black Love

After Craig left at about 8:35 Greg Dulli and his back up band Twilight Singers guitarist Dave Rosser and multi-instrumentalist Rick Nelson of the Polyphonic Spree, took the stage at about 9:00. Throughout the show they seemed relaxed and was joking around with the audience. Greg told a story about the last time he was in the Brattle Theater, that was good for a laugh, and he called out someone in the front row for checking his email while he was playing, also good for a laugh. I guess my one problem is their should have been more audience interaction, the Brattle only holds about 235 people and Greg really could of turned it into an event, something like VH1-Story Tellers, except people would be watching this. Musically what can I say the man has his detractor’s, just before I left, I read something in Blender saying he was embarrassing himself now on this tour, me I thought he was great, his voice sounded strong, the band was in synch, the setlist gave the audience a nice career retrospective plus a little taste of some new material. Since it was an acoustic show everyone was in their seats the entire time, nobody got up until the encore, the atmosphere was very mellow, but the audience was composed of die hard Greg Dulli fans (tickets sold out in under a week) and Greg really put on a great live show, I know I left happy.


The Afghan Whigs – Miles is Dead-live & The Afghan Whigs – 66

For me this is Greg Dulli at his best, when he was with The Afghan Whigs, who for many had two sides to them pre and post sell out the first video is from (in my opinion) one of the greatest albums ever made Congregation (although ‘Miles is Dead’ was a hidden track), the second song ’66’ is from the album they said Greg Dulli sold out for the fame he never achieved 1965. In any case the grunge and R&B infused Afghan Whigs were one of the most influential bands of the 90’s, even though they had two very different sound by the time they broke up, their influence will last for generations.

Greg Dulli – Golden Boy

Beyond The Afghan Whigs, The Twilight Singers and The Gutter Twins, fat Greg Dulli (I am a fan, but the nickname came from people who really, really don’t like his music) released a solo album in 2005 called ‘Amber Headlights’ (which was really more of a collection of b-sides, some of which already were released in other forms). The album was self released but didn’t reach the commercial or critical success of his previous work. Still it was an album die hard fans like myself really enjoyed, and while admittedly not his best work, still a solid effort.

The Twilight Singers – “My Time (Has Come)”

After the break up of The Afghan Whigs Greg Dulli put all his attention into, what was his once side project, The Twilight Singers. While never reaching as much mainstream sucess of his previous band, The The Twilight Singers have been critically aclaimed on virtually every album, especially their last effort Powder Burns. Here is in my view the strongest track of the album and Greg Dulli at his best “My Time (Has Come)” (sorry I couldn’t find a music video or live perfomance)

The Gutter Twins: All Misery/Flowers

With Greg Dulli coming to a sold out Boston show (from what I read most major city stops of his shows have been sold out on this tour), I figured over the next couple of days I would post a few videos taking a look at his work. Here is a video showcasing his longstanding collaboration with Mark Lanegan (Queens of the Stone Age, Screaming Trees). While they have worked together on various projects throughout the years, they officially released (an amazing) album called Saturnalia under then name ‘The Gutter Twins’. Here is the song “All Misery/Flowers”.