Songs To Check Out!

“Teenage Kicks” – Undertones
“Tonight She’s Dead” – Lover!
“You Don’t Like Rock ‘N Roll” – Hunx & His Punx
I’m Gonna Get Drunk Tonight” – M.O.T.O
“What Do I Get?” – Buzzcocks
“Another Girl, Another Planet” – Only Ones
“Hold On” – Mark Sultan

Classic CD Review: The Libertines

Band: The Libertines
Release: 2004
Label: Rough Trade

1. “Can’t Stand Me Now” – A+
2. “Last Post on the Bugle” – B+
3. “Don’t Be Shy” – B
4. “The Man Who Would Be King” – A-
5. “Music When The Lights Go Out” – A-
6. “Narcissist” – A
7. “The Ha Ha Wall” – B
8. “Albeit Macht Frei” – B+
9. “Campaign of Hate” – B-
10. “What Katie Did Next” – A
11. “Tomblands” – A
12. “The Saga” – B
13. “Read to Ruin” – A
14. “What Became of the Likely Lads” – A+

Comments: Our band could be your life. For a short period of time, this band was my life. Well, not quite, but I regarded them as my favorite of all time. “Can’t Stand Me Now” was quite the anthem for me, with just enough post-punk and garage pizazz. Sidenote: I’d love to see this band live and it just might be possible. At least a few credible sources have it that the ‘Tines will fully re-unite for the first time in six years in 2010. This record isn’t the band’s best because, principally, it lacks flow and direction. There are some real gems to be found, but a good chunk of these tunes aren’t really memorable. For Pete’s sake (pun intended), Grace/Wastelands kicks this album’s ass. Speaking of album closers and such, “What Became”  is among my favorites. It’s arguably the best song on here.

Final Grade: A- (90)

CD Review: The Strange Boys and Girls Club

Band: The Strange Boys
Label: In The Red Records
Release: March 3, 2009

1. “Woe is You and Me” – 9.4
2. “They’re Building the Death Camps” – 9.4
3. “Should Have Shot Paul” – 9.6
4. “MLKs” – 9.5
5. “This Girl Taught Me a Dance” – 9.7
6. “For Lack of a Better Face” – 9.6
7. “Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up” – 9.5
8. “No Way for a Slave to Behave” 9.8
9. “Poem Party” – 9.7
10. “To Turn a Tune or Two” – 9.7
11. “Most Things” – 9.6
12. “A Man You’ve Never Known”9.8
13. “Then” – 9.6
14. “Who Needs Who More” – 9.6
15. “Probation Blues”9.8
16. “Death and All the Rest” – 9.6

Former label mates with the likes of Black Lips and Jay Reatard, The Strange Boys possess all attributes of vintage garage rock. Sounds similar to a cross between The Almighty Defenders LP and Black Lips!. The cow-punk of “Should Have Shot Paul” is as refreshing as can be for such an old-time melody. The thing too about these songs are they short and sweet…at times I feel like I want to hear perhaps another verse or the chorus again. “This Girl Taught Me a Dance” sounds like R&B inspired Bob Dylan, particularly in vocal delivery and lyrical structure. It’s probably a shame that not many will come to realize how good an album this is. If you aren’t the old time rock and roll type, you might cast this off as just another attempt at reliving the past. Well you know what? Sometimes we need to bring back the old times! I don’t remember the old times too well (they are ~ forty years my senior) so it’s kind of an amazing thing to hear a modern band do this kind of stuff. I asked someone in my house: “What decade does this sound like it’s from?” “The Sixties” was the response. I’m not shocked. This is easily the best sounding album coming from this style of music in 2009.

Grade: 9.6