Classic CD Review: The Libertines

Band: The Libertines
Release: 2004
Label: Rough Trade

1. “Can’t Stand Me Now” – A+
2. “Last Post on the Bugle” – B+
3. “Don’t Be Shy” – B
4. “The Man Who Would Be King” – A-
5. “Music When The Lights Go Out” – A-
6. “Narcissist” – A
7. “The Ha Ha Wall” – B
8. “Albeit Macht Frei” – B+
9. “Campaign of Hate” – B-
10. “What Katie Did Next” – A
11. “Tomblands” – A
12. “The Saga” – B
13. “Read to Ruin” – A
14. “What Became of the Likely Lads” – A+

Comments: Our band could be your life. For a short period of time, this band was my life. Well, not quite, but I regarded them as my favorite of all time. “Can’t Stand Me Now” was quite the anthem for me, with just enough post-punk and garage pizazz. Sidenote: I’d love to see this band live and it just might be possible. At least a few credible sources have it that the ‘Tines will fully re-unite for the first time in six years in 2010. This record isn’t the band’s best because, principally, it lacks flow and direction. There are some real gems to be found, but a good chunk of these tunes aren’t really memorable. For Pete’s sake (pun intended), Grace/Wastelands kicks this album’s ass. Speaking of album closers and such, “What Became”  is among my favorites. It’s arguably the best song on here.

Final Grade: A- (90)

2 thoughts on “Classic CD Review: The Libertines”

  1. The Libertines were awesome and played a big part in the progression of Indie music over the last decade. Great article about Indie music over the last decade here some really great bands are featured.

  2. Some good bands are featured indeed, but most of those bands aren’t “indie” …. what is Indie to you? It’s not a sound. It means independent label. Bugs the fuck out of me when people call bands signed to a major label Indie.

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