Boston Counter Cultural Compass – JUL 11

KLYAM has a neat calendar of shows that we plan on attending or, at the very least, recommend to others. The Boston Counter Cultural Compass has an even better publication that details quite a gamut of gigs every month. A good chunk of the listings are area punk houses and basements [what we folks like to call the underground underground] so please do get in touch with the BCCC or BCCCers (new term, maybe?) for information on locales. This is a great source for local music happenings — perhaps the best. They have a constantly updated Facebook page and a website:

Click here or on the picture below [to make it more readable] to see what is going on for the rest of July!

CD Review: Realism (2010)

Band: Magnetic Fields
Release: 2010
Label: Nonesuch Records

1. “You Must Be Out of Your Mind”- B+
2. “Interlude” – C-
3. “We Are Having A Hootenanny” – C
4. “I Don’t Know What To Say” – C-
5. “The Dolls Tea Party” – D
6. “Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree” – D+
“Walk Alone” – C
8. “Always Already Gone” – C-
9. “Seduced and Abandoned” – B-
10. “Better Things” – B+
11. “Painted Flower” – C-
12. “The Dada Polka” – C
13. “From A Sinking Boat” – C

Comments: Realism comes off as a joke, considering the lyrical content and light instrumentation. Even at their most amateur, Merritt and crew fail to win “cute” points, if that’s what they were shooting for. Jens Lekman, oft compared to Merritt, does well in that department (which, by the way, is a musical aesthetic not a physical characteristic). Some songs succeed when the cheese level is turned down. This album isn’t utter shit, but you have to be a patient listener to appreciate it.

Grade: C (74)