Band of the Week: Wheels On Fire

Wheels On Fire! Go on YouTube, you won’t find too much tune-age. Tune your radio to WMBR and you might just hear these guys. I did this morning, in fact. Becky, the DJ of Breakfast of Champions (what a DJ by the way, playing my request of “Punk Slime” in a timely fashion), spinned “Losin” off their 2010 Liar, Liar record. That song was instantly catchy and I had no clue it was by Wheels On Fire. Thanks to Track Blaster, though, for showing me the way. At any rate, I haven’t heard a Wheels On Fire track that did not appeal to me. So Band of the Week, check them out somehow!



Song of the Day: Magic Kids- Superball

Sunshine and Lolipops… and so much more. One of the finer pop acts around, give these (magic) kids some much deserved eartime.

Speaking of Magic Kids…they are this week’s Band of the Week! Chris “compares them to Beat Happening. They are truly both themselves. Like Beat Happening, they make unabashedly upbeat coy (sometimes cheesy, but in a good way) music in music scenes that are oft-macho.”

Band of the Week: Ty Segall

Be sure to check out our Band of the Week , which you can always find in the right hand corner. This week is the one and only Goner artist- Ty Segall. Ty makes invigorating, catchy, and ultimately as he would say “fun” music. Check him out. Here’s a song…