Wait…This Concert Happened?

A long time ago I started a little feature along these lines…historical concerts that actually happened. Well, of course, every band has to start somewhere and most do indeed start at or near the bottom of the totem pole. No exception was made even for Nirvana when they played TT the Bears Place to a mere seven people and no exception for this show: a sold out November 12, 2004 night: Arcade Fire at TTs. At that time, the band was a young one — having just released their debut LP Funeral two months prior. Funeral became an instant (and lasting) classic. The fact that this show took place at TT’s and not somewhere like the Paradise is a testament to the changed landscape of the national underground music scene. We’ve all heard it a bunch of times, how blogs and social media outlets have altered our engagement with musicians and the like. Simply said, had Arcade Fire emerged with Funeral in 2010 not 2004, they’d be playing bigger venues immediately nationwide.

(Photo: Bradley’s Almanac)

Read about this show here: http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/2004/11/live-arcade-fire.htm