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Review: Paul Weller, Matthew Ryan @ Royale (7/28/13)


Bands: Paul Weller, Matthew Ryan
Venue: Royale
Date: Sunday, July 28, 2013

I’ve seen shows at the Royale with a decent degree of irregularity since the posh club opened its doors in 2010. No complaints as far as the performances were concerned; King Khan and the Shrines, Deerhunter, The Walkmen – all bigger names that have pleased me nicely over the years. Seeing Paul Weller fits right in there, especially in a standing room only setting like this one.

Kicking off the night was Matthew Ryan – one man with an acoustic guitar. He said it’s not easy being one man with a guitar opening for a legend such as Paul Weller. I agree. I’m not sure many solo performers of Ryan’s variety could do an adequate job of entertaining me in this kind of setting. He did seem to garner some interest, but there were just as many people chitchatting among themselves and ignoring the performance as there were genuinely curious onlookers. His set didn’t do anything for me, but I didn’t expect it to.

Paul Weller – I’m no expert on him, but seeing him a couple of times before this, and listening to his solo albums since I was very young, I’ve grown very appreciative of what he’s done. This was definitely the most fun I’ve had at a Paul Weller show. I would say that this might just be how other attendees feel as well. It may have been years since some of these people have gotten the chance to see Paul up close and personal. Having him and his band (made up of another guitarist, a bassist, an organist, and two drummers) wail away just feet in front of me is something I won’t forget. From this mini-tour’s itinerary, it seems like Paul made it a point to play at smaller sized venues, at least in comparison to the gigantic structures he regularly plays in his native country. As far as what the audience was treated to… about twenty songs from his old Jam days up through his latest Sonic Kicks LP. I was familiar with most of Paul’s set (shout out to for preparation), but the Stanley Road back-to-back of “Whirlpools End” and “The Changingman” is my favorite. Eight hundred 50-somethings chugging $13 mixed drinks may agree with me there. Paul came back for an encore and finished things off with customary Jam hit “Town Called Malice.” We were all pulling for a second encore, but hey that’s alright, we enjoyed a very memorable hour of music.

17 Year Old Chris’s Favorite Bands/Songs

I was shuffling through some boxes of old books and I found two lists I made in what I can only imagine is roughly the Summer of 2007. Here they are:

101 Favorite Artists

1) The Beatles
2) Pink Floyd
3) Nirvana
4) Ramones
5) Rage Against the Machine
6) Tool
7) System of a Down
8) GlassJaw
9) Johnny Cash
10) Led Zeppelin
11) The Who
12) The Pixies
13) Minor Threat
14) Bad Brains
15) Frank Zappa
16) The Doors
17) Velvet Underground
18) Radiohead
19) Sonic Youth
20) Deftones
21) Against Me!
22) Descendents
23) Black Flag
24) Fugazi
25) The Clash
26) Sex Pistols
27) Iggy Pop/The Stooges
28) Lou Reed
29) Incubus
30) Black Sabbath
31) Simon & Garfunkel
32) Alice in Chains
33) David Bowie
34) N.W.A.
35) The Smiths
36) The Replacements
37) Bjork
38) Dead Kennedys
39) Anti-Flag
40) Misfits
41) Metallica
42) Pantera
43) Slayer
44) X
45) Fall of Troy
46) Daphen Loves Derby
47) Page France
48) Animmal Collective
49) Elliott Smith
50) Arctic Monkeys
51) Beach Boys
52) The Kinks
53) Beastie Boys
54) Smashing Pumpkins
55) Nine Inch Nails
56) Wu-Tang Clan
57) Cypress Hill
58) Talking Heads
59) Primus
60) Roy Orbison
61) R.E.M.
62) Bob Marley
63) Jimi Hendrix
64) Bob Dylan
65) Chuck Berry
66) Nick Drake
67) Marvin Gaye
68) Sly and the Family Stone
69) Run-DMC
70) Public Enemy
71) Grateful Dead
72) Queen
73) Neil Young
74) Credence Clearwater Revivial
75) Husker Du
76) Joy Divison
77) New York Dolls
78) The Cure
79) The Jam
80) The Buzzcocks
81) Dinosaur Jr
82) Eric B. and Rakim
83) Otis Redding
84) Helemt
85) Pavement
86) Parliament/Funkadelic
87) Grandmaster Flash
88) Janes Addiction
89) Faith No More
90) Jesus and Mary Chain
91) Mudhoney
92) Foo Fighters
93) Germs
94) Beck
95) The Strokes
96) Stone Temple Pilots
97) 40 Below Summer
98) Messhugah
99) Norma Jean
100) Chimaira
101) Psychedelic Furs

101 Favorite Songs (except there is only 41 listed)

1) Simon & Garfunkel-Mrs. Robinson
2) Beatles- In My Life
3) Lou Reed- Perfect Day
4) Talking Heads (Nothing But) Flowers
5) Kinks- Waterloo Sunset
6) Doors- The End
7) Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit
8) Blondie- Heart of Glass
9) Tool- Aenema
10) Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb
11) Rage Against the Machine- Killing In the Name
12) GlassJaw- Lovebites and Razorlines
13) Against Me!- Baby, I’m an Anarchist!
14) Roy Orbison- Crying
15) Johnny Cash- Hurt
16) Terry Jacks- Seasons in the Sun
17) Radiohead- No Surprises
18) Bob Dylan- Mr. Tambourine Man
19) Bob Marley- Redemption Song
20) Sex Pistols- Anarchy In the U.K.
21) Ramones- KKK Took My Baby Away
22) Fatlip- What’s Up Fatlip
23) Lynyrd Skynyrd- Tuesday’s Gone
24) Led Zeppelin- Tangerine
25) The Who- I’m A Boy
26) The Jam- That’s Entertainment
27) Buzzcocks- Ever Fallin In Love?
28) Pixies- UMass
29) The Smiths- Shoplifters of the World Unite
30) The Cure- Boys Don’t Cry
31) New Order- Temptaion
32) Grandmaster Flash/Mellie Mel- White Lines
33) Janes Addiction- Ocean Size
34) Descendents- I’m Not a Loser (live)
35) Nirvana- Drain You
36) Black Sabbath- Iron Man
37) Elliott Smith- 2:45 A.M.
38) Grateful Dead- Truckin’
39) Tapes n’ Tapes- Mainitoba
40 Sonic Youth- 100%
41) Pantera- Walk

If I made similar lists today they would be dramatically different than seventeen year old Chris’s lists. But, at the same time with the exception of maybe one or two artists all enumerated here can be found on my ipod and I still enjoy listening to them very much.