This Day In KLYAM (July 10)

2016: Birthing Hips, Palberta, Tiffany’s House, Blood Club – The Banana Hammock

2015:  Mr. Airplane Man, The Monsieurs, Party Pigs – Cuisine En Locale

2007: Psychedelic Furs, The Fixx, The Alarm – Avalon

This show predates KLYAM proper, but is very significant. Why? Please read a poem Chris made (presumably for school!):

My First Concert with Glen
We stood in the Front Row
Waiting through Two
Clichéd British Acts
The Alarm
The Fixx
Before the Furs hit the stage
We were the Only ones
Under 45
It seemed
Numerous Drunkards Surrounded us
Slurring Along to the Songs
The Band were an aging, forgotten act
From the 80s, but
Their Energy and Showmanship
Shined Through
Glen even High Fived
Singer, Richard Butler
The Evening Foreshadowed
Many More, Great Concerts to Come

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