Friends – I was re-reading the original post and it just did not feel complete. Nope. There were at least two notables missing. Most of the time I am listening to stuff at work. And sure sometimes I decide to be fun and do Pandora, get some randomness flowing. But often times I get locked in these repeat stretches that I alluded to earlier. I thought back to earlier on in the year – like Spring/Summer, the stuff that I was big on, as well as stuff as recent as a month back. The very new.  Here are some more:

Adam Green – Aladdin and in General – Adam is a guy I know everything about and a guy I know nothing about. He is doing what you are not, saying what you are not. I was pumped to hear about Aladdin. New music from AG, he’s good people. Flirting with realms of the real and the surreal, he almost effortlessly makes something that Chris D likes to call “songs.” These maneuver around a hodge podge of rock ‘n roll and pop styling, but the performances (the production, in a theatrical sense) and absurd/nonsensical lyrical content give it the appeal to me. Now imagine those as film qualities and you have Aladdin. But this past spring/summer I went back to all of Green’s albums, binged on them for weeks straight. Minor Love – which was my entrance into his solo world and came out in 2010 – is the one I go back to. “Castles and Tassels” check this out: “The ass of the business class was his passion. A number by hustle, he numbered his muscles. Honored by honest, he fell down upon us.” That’s so good! He takes all obvious meaning out of everything, leaving us literally nothing, except what you make of it. Which can be intense.

Mavis The Dog / The Jetsies – Silver Racecar – Mavis The Dog (read my 2014 feature for an insight into the mind) came back. I came a couple of years late to the obscure Philly musician’s output, but did that matter at all? Of course not. Mavis’ heady home spun psychedelia is even more rustic and dreamy as The Jetsies. Like a winter jaunt to The Alps or an extended stay as an Aspen ski instructor, this is high altitude, memory music. Take your time, enjoy your nature.

Jim Leonard – A Brief History of Slime – You know who kicked off the 2010s? It was Swampscott’s Jim Leonard. Jim’s a ridiculous fellow once he gets his hands on some instruments and recording equipment. I think it was one of the first times I met Jim when he was with Fat Creeps, probably at the old Precinct or something. I asked him if he had done any solo recordings. He pointed me to the ole Bandcamp and the rest is pretty nutty. This is still one of the coolest batch of recordings we are fortunate to have exist in the realm of online music. I would not be surprised if cover bands are formed solely to replay this album in its entirety. Everyone wants to nail it and Jim did. Jim is in a league of his own – real as shit and fun as **ck. We can captcha it on film.



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