Miami Doritos Jailbreak ’74 Tour 2014!

doritos tour
Miami Doritos are coming back for you! They rocked your socks and scuzzled their way through your soul this past March with fellow scuzzlers Nice Guys and now they’re back AGAIN! If you live in or near any of the following cities you better be there or be dead or in jail, but if you’re in jail BREAKOUTTTTT!

AUG 1st – Boston, MA @ Neverland w/ (NE) Patriots & Miami Dolphins
AUG 2nd – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ Soupcans, & Pampers &ULTRATHIN & Chat Logs
AUG 3rd – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
AUG 4th – Durham, NC – Fellowship Hall w/ Growwing Pains & Silent Lunch
AUG 5th – Atlanta, GA – House Show
AUG 6th – Nashville, TN – Dino’s Bar w/ The Suez & No Good & Young Wolves
AUG 7th – St. Louis, MO – FOAM w/ Stella & Blight Future
& Birches
AUG 8th – Detroit, MI – TBA
AUG 9th – Chicago, IL – Wally’s World w/ Fleshlights & Negative Scanner & Basement Family
AUG 10th – Athens, OH – Pink Mistress w/ Style Star & Gaze & Sardaukar
AUG 11th – York, PA – Skidrow Garage w/ Baby’s Brains
AUG 12th – Allston, MA – Great Scott w/ The Lemons and Twin Peaks

Tour Event FB Page:

Pick up this snazzy splifft 7″ w/ Nice Guys from KLYAM Records:

And while you’re at it read every single word from this head spinning  review of the splifft from 7inches

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