EP Review: Gremlins UK

Band: Gremlins UK
Release: 10/2012
Label: Meth Mouth Records

Side A – You Live In A Park; Hey Mongo; Dont Give Em Enoug Rope
Side B – Ham Fisted Love, So Second Rate

Comments: Gremlins UK is the band in question from Austin, Texas. Featuring Boston expat and Maine Coons mastermind Spent on guitar/vox, Gremlins UK bare close resemblance to the Coons (naturally) so it seems almost like an automatic love at first listen situation for me. This EP is grittier punk rock when stacked right next to the Coons, but Spent and his band-mates are perpetually cognizant of the importance of hooks. “You Live In A Park” ends before it starts, but it’s a blast from needle-drop. “Hey Mongo” is a punchy tune. The chorus in “Don’t Give Em Enoug Rope” is supreme and the fall-apart-at-any-time-but-pick-back-up-again nature of the track in general is something I totally admire. Side B is equally fun. Spent’s vocals carry these tunes (see “So Second Rate”) like Jay Reatard’s did and like how Nobunny and King Khan’s do…the dude knows what’s up. I haven’t heard very many 7″ this year, but damn this is essential.

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