Colleen Green’s EP “Cujo” Out Now + Catchy As FU(ZZ)

Today is music’s lucky day. Cujo, the latest offering of Colleen’s (out on Art Fag), is available now for streaming and go do that! I’ve seen “California Stoner Pop” thrown around to describe it, but like I said in the title it’s “Catchy As FU(ZZ)”. Once your ears get anointed in Colleen’s trademark drum-machine/layer of rhythmic distortion/captivating voice, it’s hard to think otherwise. I’m really blown away by “U+ME,” “Mike,” “Rabid Love” (pure pop greatness), “End of Time” (one of the lengthiest tunes of hers…the little period of overwhelming [comparatively] cleanliness is fantastic…sort of get a ‘LOUIE LOUIE’ vibe), “Jesse Has A New Girl” (sweet solo/lead guitar parts), and that song ’bout dogs “Cujo.” Did I just name every song on the EP? Think so. 


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