Band of the Week: Dead Ghosts

Dead Ghosts are from the land of the Human Serviette — that Nardwuar guy. They got some rockabilly twang, obvious dirty pop sensibility, and all that stuff that turns me on to bands like these. Heard “Off the Hook” the day before today and it was exactly that and I’m saying to myself gee I gotta look into them more. I’ve done so and this is the result: BAND OF THE WEEK!

3 thoughts on “Band of the Week: Dead Ghosts”

    1. yeah i see where they are coming from sort of, but i wouldnt say its the first comparison i thought of. likewise to kk bbq , dg has punk spirit and rollin rockabilly for sure

  1. I read a review where the comparison was made and listened to some radio show and there was this thing that had that sound and it turned out to be them. It just stuck out to me.

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