Live Footage Of The Day

Honorable Mention: Nobunny @ The Strange, Los Angeles – A fight at a Nobunny show? Nah-uh! Brief synopsis: Nobunny performs ‘Live It Up’, but cuts it short as a mess of shit brews in front of him. Even a request from Nobunny for “everyone to stop fighting, please” was made, but did not prove to be much of a difference maker. I felt bad for one of the club’s employees as he seemed pretty chill about wanting the audience to calm down and let the show go on, but there were some individuals in the front who just weren’t cooperating….one even attacked the man with her shoe (as seen in the video). The PA guy I got to admit was pretty hilarious at the end there: “And you guys are fucking school teachers? What the fuck?! Is that what you are teaching our youth of America? Be drunk bitches at shows? That’s not girls. Not drunk girls. Not drunk women. Drunk bitches!” Some other guy gets on and says “So on a lighter note, did anyone hear that Captain Beefheart died today?” I wonder what happened after this footage cuts out. [WATCH]

Top PrizeThe Growlers @ Crazy 8’s, Cathedral City, California – A/V quality is not the best, but it is good enough! Captures the essence of The Growlers quite well. It’s great seeing such a nice crowd of people that are quite into the performance, especially the extremely fine ladies (girl in the green, word!) up in the front.  [WATCH]

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