My Bloody Valentine- ‘When You Sleep’

Somewhere between The Jesus and Mary Chain and the Pixies lay My Bloody Valentine, a band formed in Dublin, Ireland that would be shoegazing, before it was in vogue. With two genius albums (and when I say genius I mean genius) “Isn’t Anything” and their masterpiece “Loveless”, behind them the band broke up in 1997 after years of lack of creative output all hope was loss for a followup to perhaps one of the greatest albums of the 90’s (“Loveless” was released in 1991). But after ten years apart the band reformed in 2007, playing a handful of shows and again sparking rumors of another album, we can only hope.

One thought on “My Bloody Valentine- ‘When You Sleep’”

  1. You know I have never got into MBV, which is weird because I love similar bands such as the ones you liste (Pixies, JAMC) and many bands I adore cite them as influences, but for whatever reason their music has just not hit me in the same way as those others. I definitely appreciate it though and I think it is exceptional.

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