Band Recommendation: The Von Bondies

The Von Bondies

Description:  While probably best known for the hit single “C’mon C’mon” or the fight between lead singer and lead guitarist Jason Stollsteimer and Jack White, The Von Bondies actually have three very solid studio albums behind them Lack of Communication (2001), Pawn Shoppe Heart (2004), and Love, Hate And Then There’s You (2009).  They are also one of the few Garage-Rock revival bands to actually survive (despite numerous line-up changes) and adapt to the times without changing their sound.     

Sounds Like: The Pixies, The White Stripes, and Louis XIV

Favorite Song: Earthquake


2 thoughts on “Band Recommendation: The Von Bondies”

  1. I had forgotten about these guys! I remember listening to “C’mon C’mon” on a regular basis back in the day, but I never really looked into them beyond that song. I probably should, now!

    1. Defiantly try to, for my money Love, Hate And Then There’s You is probably one of the most underrated albums of 2009 and kind of a re-launching point for the band, there is nothing as catchy as “C’mon C’mon” but it’s a great album in my opinion.

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