Upcoming Release: *Tandoori Knights* – Curry Up

1. Pretty Please
2. Bucketful
3. Roam The Land
4. Tandoori Party
5. Books And Ribs
6. Bandstand
7. Big Belly Giant
8. Into Her Arms
9. Dress On
10. Lovers Moon
11. Brown Trash
12. Beauty And The Feast

Release date? Sometime in August, presumably, although there is no knowing for sure.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Release: *Tandoori Knights* – Curry Up”

  1. “Full Length LP/CD coming in August 2010 on Norton Records”, he says. Are people really awaiting this with bated breath? This doesn’t seem to be directed at anyone in particular, it seems to be done for their own personal amusement. With no more KKBBQ, no more Defenders, I guess this is Khan’s number two project! How things have changed.

  2. 14 September is the release date – if you believe bloodshot bill.
    They can not tour in the USA because bloodshot bill is banned for five years or so.
    That also rules out that other group with that other person.
    Khan must be obsessed with food. If you’ve seen the black jaspers record and its songs there’s a song about chicken I think.
    There’s another record with Khan and former Spaceshits and Sexareenos and that’s supposed to be out shortly. Hopefully none of the songs are about food.
    Can anyone say they’re surprised about that jingle about some restaurant in Texas when you consider his food-related song writing?
    This reminds me of something out a movie when John Carradine leads a space mission and of the crew he says, “they are always talking about food…it’s taken years to go into outer space and these people assign a catastrophic importance to a meal.”

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