Classic Review: You’re Living All Over Me [1987]

Band: Dinosaur Jr.
Label: SST

1. “Little Fury Things” – (A+)A long-time favorite, I love the smothering of distortion and pop at the beginning of the tune. Of course, the rest of the tune is just as amazing; the solo toward the middle really stands out.

2. “Kracked” – (A-)Interesting solos, but rather dull verses. I do like the proto-grunge chorus.

3. “Sludgefeast” – (B+)Another heavy battering of noise! Of course, a little teaser of a slowdown leads to an even more massive outbreak of…sludge. Mascis’ vocals fit snug on here.

4. “The Lung” – (B+)A tiny bit toned down from the two tracks before it, this is a more relaxed interpretation of distortion.

5. “Raisans” – (A-)Unfortunately not really note-worthy, but it’s still quite listenable. The final long shred is impressive. The best of its kind on here so far, I’d wager.

6. “Tarpit” – (A)Would probably work best as an album closer because it’s just that great and has that whirlpool of noise that gives me a sense of closure.

7. “In a Jar” – (A-)Reminiscent of Pavement in its clean, yet lo-fi waysat least at first.

8. “Lose” – (B+)A little bit of a hassle to appreciate, but Barlow meant well.

9. “Poledo” – (C-)An unnecessary “sound collage” as Wikipedia dubs it. Really not necessary. For throw-aways in the grand scheme of throw-aways, I guess this isn’t terrible.

10. “Show Me the Way” – (A+)Awesome! An instant favorite!


2 thoughts on “Classic Review: You’re Living All Over Me [1987]”

  1. Hahah you forgot Just Like Heaven (The Cure) and oddly Show Me the Way (a Peter Frampton cover) did not appear on my CD. It’s funny you just randomly decided to review this since, I just received it as a Birthday present and willbe reviewing shortly myself.

  2. Also, this album was released in 1987 before Pavement even formed, therefore “In a Jar” isn’t “Reminiscent of Pavement ” as you put it; if anything it influenced them, which I believe is the case. They are often compared.

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